Chapter 9

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Chapter 9:

Everyone was staring at zayn to see his expression as I was still staring at Harry shocked who was just smiling down at me like it was funny.

Okay, sure I would love to sleep with zayn, but AWKWARD!!

"umm doesn't he have a girlfriend??" I asked trying to get out of this situation.

"no" zayn said a little too quickly and smiled at me.

I think everyone shared the same shocked expression now. Maybe because he had just said that he didn't have a girlfriend. I mean he does, perrie right?? Or maybe it was because he had actually spoken at all! Or that he had just freakin smiled! And at me!!

ZAYN MALIK JUST SMILED AT ME!!!:) jealous much?

" what do you mean? What about perrie??" I asked the Bradford bad boy.

"OH! Zayn is just-" Lou was cut off by zayn speaking once again.

"it's complicated." zayn replied, "but it's fine, don't worry about it court" he smiled at me.

Awwwww!!! He just called me court!!! Could this day get any better?

"okay" I said. What a sec!! I'm not even gonna be with the boys tonight. So it isn't gonna happen anyway! Dang it. I mean yay!

I spun the bottle since it was my turn anyway, and it landed on Kate.

Perfect. I just smiled at her mischievously and asked " truth or dare?" I know Kate will say dare.

"dare" she replied, a little bit of fear present in her eyes.

"I dare you to kiss Harry. And Harry, make it good, it will be her first kiss." I said as Kate stared at me, shocked.

When she opened her mouth to reply. Probably about to refuse, Harry leaned over to her and started kissing her fiercely.

HahahHaha, Harry I love you lol. I covered my mouth in surprise when Kate started kidding him back and they started having a little make out session, like they forgot we were all staring at them.

When Harry pulled her onto his lap, I guess that went a lil too far for Lou because he screamed "OKAY GUYS IT'S BEEN LIKE FIVE MINUTES, WE DON'T JUST WANNA SIT HERE WATCHING YOU GUYS MAKE OUT!"

We all busted out in laughter as Harry and Kate pulled apart breathing heavy. Kate started blushing like crazy and started to get off of Harry's lap, when Harry stopped her and just smiled at her and Kate smiled back relaxing a bit.

Okay, I deserve an award for being the awesomest best friend ever!!

All of a sudden paul barged into the room and looked at each of us and gave a confused look when seeing Kate and Harry but the said "hey guys, we are there." and then marched back out of the room.

"where are we?" I asked the boys confused.

"UNIVERSAL!!" they all screamed in reply.

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