Charlie and the Wolf Pack {47}

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So I did what my wolf instincts were telling me to, I attacked, lunging myself at his back. He had my mother by the neck swinging her like a rag doll with her feet hanging off of the ground, he dropped her on the floor then flung me into the wall. I hit the wall then the floor with a hard thump and man did it hurt, it made me not want to get up. He gave me a long hard look before turning back to my mother, he grabbed her by the neck then threw her into the table. I looked at my mother on the floor in the pile of broken table and I knew we were going to die.

Once he killed her there was no one he was going to leave me alive and I wanted to live more than anything but it hurt so much to move. My mother was watching me with tears in her eyes then she shifted and attacked. He didn’t seem fazed by her, when he shifted and met her head on the two fought and I knew my mother was going to lose. He clawed her stomach and ripped it to pieces and I smelt her death closing in. So I threw myself at him shifting in midair and at the time I wasn’t thinking about how wolves didn’t have their first shift until their late teens.

I bit into his neck as hard as I could catching him off guard while clawing at his face until I ripped out an eye. He howled in pain and tired to throw me but I was fighting for my life and that gave me the extra strength I needed. He turned his head to the side and that was all the help I needed, I bit into his neck not letting go until he stopped moving. When I knew for sure that he was dead I shifted back and ran to my mother who on the floor in her human form breathing hard. She was bleeding a lot and I was scared for her, really scared. What was I going to do when she died? Who was going to take care of me?

“Krystal” she said before pausing “bring me” pause “the” pause “phone.”

I ran to get the cordless phone and a towel before running back to her. Handing the phone over and pressing the towel against what was let left of her stomach.

“Don, please help” my mother said into the phone once she was able to dial. “Dying. She’s your daughter.”

My eyes went wide and for a moment I was pissed of at her, she knew how to contact my father this whole time and never told me. Then I remembered she was dying and I couldn’t really stay mad at her.

“Krystal your father is coming and you’ll be safe with him” she said as she hung up the phone.

There was nothing else said between the two of us she was on laid down and I was sitting up next to her then she died. When my father Donald got there he was that was the way he found me holding the hand of my mother with a dead wolf at my feet.

“Krystal honey, come on you’ll be safe now I promise” don said.

He picked me up and took me home with him where I met his ten year old son Danny. And I knew from there that my life would never be the same.

Don was a good father better I thought I would ever get his only problem was he had no clue what to do with a daughter. He had no idea what to do when I first my period or went on my first date. Man when Jeremy Haynes broke my heart in tenth grade my dad was ready to kill him, literally. Now Don traveled a lot and I was glad that he was able to go out and do what he wanted in life.

“Hey ‘sorellina’ you okay?” Danny asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

(A/N: sorellinameans little sister in Italian.)

I smiled “just thinking about the night we met.”

He made a face Danny didn’t like for me to think about that night because he knew it made me sad or something like that.

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