Conflict and Trust

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Chapter Five

The annoying smile brightened which Raven would have thought impossible, “I’m Sarah” she held out her hand. Thunder rumbled as Raven stared at Kate before quickly shaking her hand before pocketing her own. Sarah laughed and walked back to stand beside Caleb. “this is my boyfriend Caleb, this is Pogue, his girlfriend Kate and Tyler. I see you have already met Reid.” her smile became taunting and Raven was beginning to get really annoyed. Her own strained smile was less than pleasant. “yeah I have thanks for the intro’s” Kate grinned. “Caleb and I want to go Harvard, I hope to be a lawyer” she placed her hand protectively on Caleb’s chest and Raven realised she thought Raven would fancy Caleb. What a joke, he was too much of a nice guy. But she would teach this snotty cow a lesson if she carried on for much longer. “what about you raven what’s your goal in life?” looking at this girl Raven sighed, she had so wanted to make some friends in this new place. Walking forward she laughed “I want to be a goat herder” Tyler, Pogue and Kate each laughed but Sarah scowled at her “why would anyone want to be a goat herder?” raven giggled.

“so I am surrounded by nature and totally on my own in my own space away from all the cruelty, pain and death that is humanity.” she paused watching their curious faces and laughed “plus, I just love the smell of goat shit don’t you?” everyone laughed except Sarah who was scowling even more deeply, suddenly the atmosphere changed as Sarah stepped into ravens personal space “I couldn’t think of a more suitable job for you, I mean to always be alone. I heard you move a lot you and your brother. You must really be used to loneliness mustn’t you?”

The hushed silence was so thick now you could almost walk on it, all eyes were on Sarah. As for the bitch in question she was just stood there smiling smugly in Ravens face.

Raven shook silently from anger as she internally struggled for control, he rage was barely contained, boiling just below the surface. Sarah took her silence as a weakness, turning to her stunned friends she laughed. “goat herder certainly holds a ring to it for you, perhaps your loner brother also” Ravens rage won over and her restraint snapped, grabbing Sarah she swung her back around to face her as the lightening flashed in her eyes. “whaaa..” Sarah never finished her sentence because she suddenly got hit by a train or at least that’s what it felt like when really it was just Ravens fist. “no-one talks about my brother, you understand me bitch?” Caleb rushed to his very stunned girlfriends side. Tyler, Pogue and Kate all hung back unsure. “what the hell bitch no-one hits me”

Reid pulled Raven by the shoulder into his arms. Not to protect her because he could feel the coiled strength in her body, but to keep her from pounding Sarah into a whimpering pulp. He held her hands wrapped around her body like a human restraining jacket. “leave it Raven it’s not worth it”

“OI” they all turned to see Nicky the bars owner scowling at them from the bar. “ take it outside ladies, I wont tolerate any fighting in my bar” Pogue grabbed his and Kate’s drinks and sat down “calm down people or we will all get kicked out into the rain” Kate settled onto his lap and glanced at Raven. The door suddenly swung open and a cold breeze tugged at everyone’s hair smelling faintly of rain and ozone. Raven breathed it in deeply as Caleb hugged Sarah. Sighing deeply Raven relaxed back into the enclosure of Reid’s arms as each of her muscles relaxed. She suddenly felt drained again, the argument had drained her energies. She hated to feel weak and helpless. Tilting her head she glanced up at Reid “you can let me go now” his smile flashed bright as he glanced at Raven “maybe I don’t want to let go maybe I like holding you” she laughed and coughed “I am quite comfy too but I think I’m gonna leave, I have had enough of this place for one night”

Sarah leaned over and scowled at Raven “you’ll pay for hitting me like that you skank” “look Sarah I’m going to go home okay I am sick of sitting here bitching with you, it’s a waste of my time” Sarah’s laughter was brittle and seemed to echo “yeah you need all your spare time to flirt with even more guys don’t you. We heard you got all cosy with Aaron Abbott” Raven stiffened and froze. Now the air was charged with electric tension the whole bar seemed to hold its breathe waiting. Caleb moved to block Sarah’s view “leave I alone Sarah” she pushed him aside gently “no Caleb, next she will be flirting with you or Pogue”

Manic laughter erupted from rave making everyone jump “Sarah you poor delusional child, I am not interested in Caleb or Pogue because…” more laughter “Caleb’s too nicey nicey for me Pogue is with Kate and I kinda like Kate so far” this earned her a small smile from Kate. Sarah glared at her before walking over to the bar momentarily defeated. Caleb offered a small smile “sorry, she’s not usually like this” “don’t worry I make people act crazy”

Turning to Reid she smiled… and the room span in a blur of distorted colours. Coughing to cover her moment of imbalance she took a step back “I am going to go now I guess I will see you at school tomorrow, goodbye” waving as she went she grabbed her coat and ran for the exit.

Reid smiled at Pogue “women.. Weird creatures” Kate smiled and drank the last of her drink “yeah thanks Reid, well we had best be going too” “me too” Tyler grabbed his car keys and shrugged on his coat “I’ll give you a lift home” Kate tapped Reid’s shoulder “she forget her bag, you might still catch her”

Outside Raven was struggling for breathe, she needed blood and soon. The wind blew harshly against her as she struggled to the shade of the trees before collapsing. The rain soaking her clothes as the trees swayed above her.

Reid came out of the bar holding her bag in time to see a shape fall to the ground. Squinting in the dim light he recognised his jumper, Raven!

“Raven” screaming her name he ran to her side skidding in the mud. “Raven” the rain plastered hair in his eyes as he pulled her limp body into his lap. She was very still but her chest was rising and falling with breath. Lightening flashed overhead. “heyyy” her whisper was weak but full of laughter and he couldn’t help but laugh. “hey” “the rain ruined my hairdo” he looked at her lovely locks tangled and plastered to her head. He held up her bag “you left this in the bar” Raven giggled then sneezed violently “any excuse to see me again, how kind of you” she yawned and felt her thirst grow. It felt like a constant ache now hurting her insides. If she didn’t move soon she wouldn’t be moving at all. that’s what happened if she didn’t feed her body would put her in to a sort of coma until she had recovered, she needed to be somewhere quiet and private for that. With Reid here she was faced with a huge problem. Sniffing deeply she could smell Reid’s dark musky smell, she could also hear his heart beating teasingly. Groaning she tried to rise and realised he held her tightly. “I gotta get up” “I am not sure you should you’ve cut your head, you might be dizzy and sick” shaking her head she was adamant “I have to try” they stood slowly Reid had his hands on her for support. Shivering and in more pain than she had ever felt before raven took a deep breath and walked a few steps before her traitorous legs gave out beneath her.

“whoa” Reid caught her and lifted her into his arm while she clutched weakly at his t-shirt.

Raven knew she was in serious trouble. There was no way she could get out of this one, Asher was god knows where and she was stuck her at her natures mercy. She knew her hunger wouldn’t let her sleep, not yet, not while someone with fresh blood was so close to her. Blinking up into Reid’s worried face she grimly knew what she had to do, god forgive her. Wiggling until Reid set her on her feet she pulled him to her in a hug. Her face nestled at this throat. She knew that what she was going to do was wrong but the hunger had taken a hold of her rationality and she no longer controlled what she did she was working solely on instinct. Although what she did next would cause a chain of reactions that would shake the world as she knew it she didn’t care. Deep down she knew that Reid would be able to keep her secret.

“you okay Raven” Raven shifted to look into Reid eyes. Stroking her hand down his cheek she smiled weakly, feeling the hunger over ride the last of her sense she felt her eyes turn black as night and felt Reid freeze in shock. “I am so sorry, please believe me”

With that Raven lunged at his throat.

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