Chapter 26

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Sleeping Beauty

A/N: I really hope last chapter brighten your mood about the book. I know I said I would post this on Saturday,but I finished it early and couldn't wait to post it! You're welcome.

Jake's POV:

I put gel in my hair, buttoned my shirt and grabbed my back pack. I was going back to school. We all were. We really didn't have to pay attention though because we are starting normal school and we are used to learning scientist level stuff at spy school. Why are we going to normal school you might ask. Well, I'll tell you. We had fallen behind for the year in spy school, but none of us wanted to repeat a grade so we picked normal school. Of course the other reason was so that the few spies that got away at the attack couldn't find us too easily.

Oh, I forgot to mention the fight. We had managed to capture and contain 46 out of the 49 spies included in this battle. The three that got away had fled the country as far as we could tell. There is no way to be 100% sure though so we had to play it safe. We also happened to loose four spies in the fight. If Lilly would have died it would've been five. I felt so bad that I walked away alive when I could've been anyone one of those spies. I just wish I was the one in the coma, not Lilly.


That was John and Chris. Of course I could drive myself to school, but it was easier for them to pick me up because I was on the way there and we are friends so its more fun. "Hey. Whats up?" I said as I slid into the backseat. "Nothing much. Ready to go surprise people with our intense knowledge that they don't have!?" Chris said super excitedly. "I guess." I said shrugging my shoulders. Lilly is the smartest one out of us. Too bad she isn't here right now to rub it in the faces of all the public school kids. They are smart, but come on, we went to spy school. "I know it's gonna be hard today without Lilly, but I think you will be happy after the day ends." John said looking to Chris with a smile plastered across his face. Is it just me or is there something they aren't telling me? I looked at them suspiciously. Chris raised his hands in surrender but kept his mouth shut. I just brushed it off. I don't have the patience for their stupid games.

Heading to the office to get my schedule, about 8 girls checked me out. I honestly feel horrible everytime a girl does that. My girlfriend is asleep and may never wake up. She can't even flick these girls off.

I hurried into the office and collected my locker number and schedule. The reseptionist looked very familiar. I just raised an eyebrow on the way out, thinking hard on who she was. As I reached my locker the light bulb in my head clicked. She was a reseptionist from headquarters. I looked around and started to notice that a few of the teachers and some of the staff were spies as well. As I looked at one, he offered a nod, smirking. This must be for our protection. Hopefully I get some spy teachers.

I set up my locker and removed the books I would need for my first class. A.P. Chemistry here I come. As I placed my foot into the classroom I noticed Kaitie and John were in my class, but they were already paired up with each other. Great. Who was I going to sit sit with now that was up to par with my spy level smarts? "Jake, right?" an older female teacher asked, knowing I was a little shy about sitting with people. "Yes." I said clearly. "Well since it's pretty late in the year and you are probably behind with what we are learning you should sit with someone already in this class. Um, How about William?" she asked and my insides cringed at the name. Her last name. I nodded and went to sit by him. Even though she was terribly wrong about me being behind, I would still like to know which lesson they were currently on.

I glanced over at Kaitie and John mid-lesson and we all had the same bored out of our minds expression written all over our faces. Not to mention Mrs. Gleeson put me with the know-it-all of the class who happened to get a tad bit fustrated when he found I was smarter than him. I'm not trying to have a big ego or anything, I just learned all this stuff in like 5th grade. It's not like I had a choice.

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