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{Face claim: Park Sora}

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{Face claim: Park Sora}


Stage Name: D.ARA / ARA
Full Name: Araceli Renata Aksornpan
Thai Name: Duangkamol Aksornpan
Korean Name: Yoon Da Hee (윤다희)
Nickname(s): Ara, Rena, Akky, "No Soul Eyes", Sunflower
D.O.B: April 19, 1996
Birthplace: Havana, Cuba
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Ethnicity: Thai-Cuban
Eastern Zodiac: Rat
Western Zodiac: Aries
Height: 182cm (6")
Weight: 48.9kg (108lbs)
Group: Seventeen, Soloist
Seventeen Unit: Hip Hop Unit
Position: Rapper, Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Visual

•Her dad is Thai while her mom is Cuban

•Has two younger siblings: twins (a boy and a girl) that she treasures with her life.

•Was born in Havana, Cuba but moved to Thailand at the age of 4 with her parents so that her father was able to take care of his parents.

•Araceli was often bullied for being a "halfie" and was also called "no soul eyes" while growing up by her schoolmates

•Scouted by YG at first while on a school trip to South Korea, but refused their offer as she wanted nothing to do with being in the public eye

•Also caught the eye of many other companies, but still refused. Her parents had to persuade her to at least try and finally she took Pledis's offer and auditioned.

•Started training in 2010 with Seungcheol

•Can speak Korean, Thai, Spanish, and English.

•Her Korean name was given to her by Jeonghan

•Her stagename comes from the first initials of her full name ([Duangkamol] Araceli Renata Aksornpan)

•Always referred to as 'Mom' while Seungcheol is 'Dad'

•She and Mingyu are considered the "visual line" when really all of Seventeen are apart of that line

•Childhood friends with NCT's Ten. Went to Shrewsbury International School together and was in the same class. He was the only person who never bullied her

•Araceli is in a Thai Line group chat with Sorn from CLC, Bambam from GOT7, Ten from NCT, & Lisa from BlackPink. Sorn has mentioned that they hang out from time to time

•Looks up to Lee Hyori and Sunmi

•A rap god and a dancing queen. Can also sing but doesn't do it very often (but her voice is amazing)

^^Minghao told her off once for whitewashing herself cuz he was tired of it. It ended in her crying and apologizing while Minghao just hugged her uwu

•Takes hand in writing lyrics within Seventeen

•Mentored Pristin

•She lives in the apartment directly below the Seventeen dorm. But it's like the boys live there too because they're always over.

•Used to date Twice's Jeongyeon during their pre-debut days

•Confused as to what her sexuality is now

Friends: SHINee's Key, NCT's Ten And Doyoung, Blackpink, Red Velvet's Joy, HyunA, E'Dawn, Jessi, EXID, Pentagon's Hui, CLC's Sorn, GOT7's Jackson and BamBam, MONSTA X (but closest with I.M)

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