Twenty Things Stalkers Need To Know

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Well, if you wanna stalk me, be my guest. Here's some simple facts, listed by numbers.

I got tagged by my buddy @ItsSoRhetoric.


1. I have a twin sister named Amy. I figure that's pretty important to know. We, uh...share birthdays and ages and looks. We used to pretend to be each other until she started dying her hair purple, which I refuse to do.

2. I'm a writer, which basically means I kill off imaginary people for a living. (Not really for a living though, I have a job.)

3. I want to be a professional RN. Yes, I think nursing is awesome.

4. Until two years ago, I didn't curse, drink, or even think about doing anything bad. Yes, I was a "good girl". Well, not exactly. Gah. Explanations...Well, I did when I was fifteen to seventeen, but after that and until I turned twenty I refused to curse or do anything bad. I just was tired of being immature. :p Now I can handle it.

5. I started writing Rugged Lace because Tyler wouldn't leave me alone and I kept seeing things about rape and child porn in the news. That sounds pretty bad, but I swear the story is more than that. Tyler just wouldn't leave me alone, she wants her story known.

6. I'm asexual bisexual. Basically, I'm asexual but enjoy romantic (nothing sexual, no sexual attraction) relationships. I'm currently dating a girl named Eve, who is one of the reasons I've loosened up.

7. (Gah. This is hard.) Once, on a dare, I drank a whole pint of pure lemon juice in one sitting. It...actually was pretty good.

8. Even though I don't have a great singing voice, I still sing aloud nearly every song on the radio.

9. I have a love for rock and roll, plus the sixties rock and roll. I like alternative rock too. Things like There Days Grace, Fall Out Boy, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Greenday, Nickleback, etc...

10. Network Failure is my favorite story to write, because it's kinda my journey as a writer. (Except I'm not a young man named Matt.) But I have trouble writing it, mostly because I love it so much.

11. Sometimes, I try to play Real Life Fruit Ninja. It's pretty much given my results were fruitless...(Cue laughter at corny joke.)

12. Once, my sister locked me in my closet for three days. I had a water bottle and a bag of chips to live off of. Yeah...those were the good old days. :p

13. I love fragments, broken stories, and characters who are dying over and over again. Or anything realistic. It's very, very intriguing to me. For some reason, no matter how bad a story could be in terms of grammar, if the characters are real...I'm gonna read it.

14. I talk to trees and nature. Why? No clue. But when I'm mad, or sad, or even happy...the Woods pacify me. It's amazing and beautiful. There's looking at the moon...and then there's watching the full moon glint off the wings of a dragonfly as it twirles around a flower growing out of moist ground. (Yes, I'm very sappy.)

15. I love the endings the best. I would read ahead each time as a child, and I have to force myself not to now. It's tempting. :)

16. I once had eight rabbits, twenty frogs, three fish, two kittens, and three puppies all at one time. Now? Now I have a little boy kitten. He's my baby.

17. Sometimes, I'll randomly start giggling and attacking people with tickles. It's my inner three year old on crack, I swear.

18. If I couldn't write, I would drive myself insane always reading new books and never finding the story I really want to read.

19. Ever wonder what life would be like if everyone had three looks to choose from? I do. I honestly do. A lot.

20. This list was really hard to do. If you find it awkward, that's because it is. XD Everything here is absolutely true though.

Now, I'd like to explain the game and tag others.

In the get tagged, you tell twenty things, and then you tag others. That's seriously it, I'm pretty certain.

I tag @Eveningstars, my critic buddy. :) Also, @SnowMelodyIris, who's a really cool girl. Finally, I tag @Raoool_19 (I highly recommend their book "P.ain"). Have fun you guys! :)

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