twenty six

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i was at zane's house after a few days that i came back from chicago. i told him everything that happened with me and david and he was really happy. "you two are so cute oh my god" i laughed.

"i know" i sighed, smiling. "he treats me so well, sometimes i think i don't deserve him"

"don't even start ophelia" he rolled his eyes. "okay, tell me the juicy stuff now" zane gave me a smirk.

"there's nothing juicy to talk about" i blushed.

"then why are you blushing?" he shoved my shoulder and i laughed. "really? nothing happened?" zane raised his eyebrows.

"well... one time he..." i was so embarrassed. "i don't know how to say this"

"what? he fingered you?" he asked. "oh my god!" he squealed when i hid my face with my hands.

"jesus christ, this is so embarrassing!"

"how was it?" i looked at him.

"it was really good" i nodded. "can we talk about something else? i feel like i'm gonna die because i'm so embarrassed"

zane laughed before talking about something that involved his little sister. my phone buzzed in my back pocket and i grabbed to see what it was.

dobrik👀: the guys are throwing
their last party at the house tonight
wanna come with me?

"do you know about todd, jason and scott's party?" i asked zane, still looking at my phone.

"oh, yes, i forgot to tell you that we're definitely going" he said, making me giggle.

phe😋: sure
what time?

dobrik👀: i'll pick u up at 9

i locked my phone and continued my conversation with zane. after it got late, i said my goodbyes and went back to my apartment. i took a quick shower to wash my hair and blow-dried it. i was singing in my underwear when charlie opened the door. "i thought you were out of town" i said, turning the volume down.

"i wasn't" she laughed, closing the door behind her. "where are you going?" charlie sat on my bed.

i started to look for an outfit. "i'm going to scotty, todd and jason's house for a party"

"do you want some help?" she got up to help me find some clothes. after we found my outfit, i grabbed my make up and went to my bathroom.

charlie talked about going to massachusetts with timmy in october to film little women and how excited he was to work with emma watson. i listened to everything, feeling sad that i'm not going with them. it is a huge thing for timothée and i really wanted to be there with him.

i finished my make up, sat down by the bed by charlie's side and grabbed my phone. david said he was coming. "where's timothée?" i asked.

"he had an interview and i chose to spend the day by myself. oh, by the way, when you get back, i'm going to show you the clothes that i've bought" i nodded before my phone buzzed in my hand.

"i gotta go" i kissed her cheek and left my apartment. i entered the elevator and exited the building a few seconds later.

"hey" david smiled when i hopped in his tesla.

"hi" i smiled back.

"shall we?"

"we shall" i nodded and he started to drive to their house. he let me choose the songs this time and i couldn't be happier. david laughed at my reaction and rested his hand on my thigh, his cold cartier rings touching my warm skin.

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