chapter four

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*skip to the day we leave for Magcon*

(Hayes POV)

"is everyone ready" yelled Bart our manager.  everyone came running down the stairs and got in the limo and we left.

*skip the car ride*

when we finally got to the air port me and aubrey walked around "so r u excited to finally meet the rest of the boys " I asked Aubrey witch made her stop and laugh "YES" she screamed witch made me laugh. when we got back to Nash the rest of the boys where there and aubrey went crazy "OMG it's really you" she yelled running up to them

(Aubrey POV)

once I saw all 8 boys I fliped out all I could think was "OMG Cameron Carter Nash Shawn Matthew Jack j jack g Taylor and Aaron are all right there " I ran up to them but when I hugged Shawn he grabed my butt and I jumped back and he winked at me and I just looked at him "we have heard a mouth full of u from little Hayes over there" Cameron said witch made me blush and Hayes walked up to me and kissed me "I only talk about the best" Hayes said witch made me blush even harder then Aaron walked up and said "awe Hayes she's turning red" wile pinching my checks so I slapped his hand away then we heard our plane get called and we left and got on the plane.

*skip the boring ass plane ride*


once we got to the hotel Hayes went and got our room key and we went to our room. once we got to the room I threw my stuff on the ground and laid  down on the bed "this bed is so soft " I said witch made Hayes laugh and jump on me and kiss me it was a passionate kiss and long till the door opened unexpectedly "oh wow Hayes get it" Carter laughed as him and Shawn walked in "what are u guys doing in mine and Aubrey hotel room" Hayes said jumping up "there was a mix up in the rooms and we got roomed with u guys" Shawn said angerly/happy. Hayes gave him a death stare "OK Why can't u share with Nash?" Hayes asked discussted they looked at him and then each other and walked out "OK where where we?" Hayes asked smirking and leaned over and kissed me he crawled onto me and continued to kiss me.I pulled at the hem of his shirt and he got the clue and took it off and I took mine off along with my shorts and continued to kiss him he brushed his tongue across my bottom lip begging for an entrance witch I dinied access and he pulled away "stop teasing" he said Seriouse and kissed me once again he did the same thing and so did I but this time he graves me ass and I gasped and he shoved his tongue onto my mouth he explored my mouth for a while before moving to my neck finding all my sweet spots witch earned him a few moans finally he kisses down more and unstraped my bra and started sucking on one of my boobs he started moving even further down till he got to my underwear and looked ant me for permission I shook my head and he pealed them off he started kissing and licking and then inserted one finger I moaned a little and he thrust his finger in and out sevral times then added a second finger I moaned so loud he then rook both fingers out and kissed me again I could feel him getting harder and then he pulled his boxers off reveling all 8 in. my eyes widen at the site and obviously Hayes noticed cause he laughed "I hope u didn't enjoy walking cause once I'm some with you, you arnt going to be able to for days" he smirked and with that slammed it into me "HAYES!!!!" I screamed/moaned his  thrusts where fast each time making me moan louder and louder "HAYES FASTER" I screamed/moaned and his thrust became faster moans filled the room both Hastings and mine "h-hayes  I'm abo-" he cut me off "me too just hold it and on 3 let it go" he said pausing for a breath each time "1-2-3" he yelled and I let it go "UGH HAYSE" I screamed he pulled out and fell next to me "that was amazing" he laughed and kissed me all I did was nod in agreement then we heard someone bang on the wall "next time keep it quiet" Taylor yelled and all the boys laughed I look at Hayes my face flushed with embarrassment then we heard a knock on the door and I hurried up and got dressed as did Hayes. Hayes went and opened the door and there stood Nash anger filled his face and he slapped Hayes so hard he fell to the ground "NASH WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM"  I screamed and he walked away I slammed the door and helped Hayes to his feet "God he's such a dick" Hayes said holding his check in his hands "ya that was a bitch move" I said witch made Hayes laugh "let's just lay down and for to bed I'll talk to him tomorrow" I said we both laid down and I curled up in his warm chest and fell asleep fast.

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