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If there was one thing Louis could go back and change about his life, it would be letting Silas Turner into the Romano family. 

He seemed nice at first, as they all do. He was tall, with salt and pepper hair. The corners of his eyes crinkled up when he smiled. But there was something in his eyes that made both Nico and Louis uneasy. Apparently, Sophia had either ignored it or overlooked it, because she was completely and utterly taken with him. Honestly, Louis and Nico couldn't blame her, he was rather good looking and treated her kindly. 

"Maybe we're just being too cautious," Louis would tell Nico as they laid in their beds at night.

They were married without ceremony in court. Louis felt sick to his stomach the entire time. The way Silas eyed him, then whispered into his mother's ear causing her to frown made his stomach twist.

The first few months were okay. Silas was working out of the house and wasn't around except for in the evenings. He made good money, far more than Anthony ever did. The bar that Sophia was working for suddenly didn't want her anymore when they found out that she had gotten married. But that was totally fine with her since she was planning on quitting anyway. She was able to be home more often now, and hardly ever drank anymore. 

But Nico and Louis noticed something; a change in the way their mother treated them. She didn't say 'I love you' anymore. She didn't ruffle Nico's hair like she used to. She didn't leave a note on Louis' pillow telling him how proud she was of him anymore. It seemed all her attention was focused on Silas Turner. She even insisted the boys take his last name, as she had. The Romano family became the Turner family. Sophia said it was because she wanted to erase all memory of Anthony, and removing his name from the family was the way to do it. Louis suspected it went deeper than that. 

But nothing happened. They actually managed somehow to live like a normal family. With the money from Silas's job, they were able to rent a new and better apartment. The boys were transferred to a better school. Louis and Nico even found that they were beginning to warm up to Silas. 

As weeks turned into months, and months into years, Louis began to think, What if we really can be happy for once?


"Boys, we're going on a trip," Silas announced one evening at supper. It had been just over two years since he had become a part of the little family. Things seemed to be going better than ever. 

"A trip? Like a vacation?" Nico asked excitedly, bouncing in his chair. He was twelve now, and was so full of energy that no one could ever keep up with him. Any chance for adventure, big or small, he took it.

"Exactly  like a vacation," Silas said, a grin plastered on his face. 

Louis smiled. On the brink of manhood, he had already matured much faster than his peers. "Really? Where are we going?"

"Your father and I have planned out the whole thing!" Louis inwardly cringed when his mom called Silas his father. He still wasn't ready to trust him completely. "We're going upstate," Sophia continued, "away from the city. Silas has family there, don't you, hon?"

Silas nodded. "That's right. They own a big farm with tons of animals! Nico, have you ever heard a goat scream?"

Nico giggled. "What? I didn't know goats could scream."

"Oh, they do! And it sounds like this!" Silas threw back his head and let out a wail, sending Nico into peals of laughter. Louis even smiled. 

"When are we going," Louis asked, stabbing a green-bean with his fork. 

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