(3) Unanswered Questions

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                         Cory's POV
     I began to come too at the sound of two echoey, faded sounding voices speaking. "I'm going to kill you, Tommy. Why would you scare him like that????" One voice asked harshly. "Well, sorry worm! I didn't think he'd react like that!" The second voice defended. "Well, what did you expect!?" The other exclaimed. The voices were more clear now, and the pain in my head was clearer aswell. I groaned, shifting a bit. At my movement, both voices seemed to silence. I sat up slowly, bringing my hand up to rub my head as I tried to comprehend what had previously happened with my fuzzy mind.

      "Hey friend, are you okay?" The british voice from a few moments ago spoke again. I slowly opened my lense, focusing on the blue-haired boy in front of me. I gasped as the memories from before came flooding back, and I scrambled back. "Hey, creamweasle, chill. We aren't really here to still your soul. But ya seem like you've got something to hide." The brown headed boy, Tommy I assume, spoke up. "Maybe something awful you did? Something you feel guilty about?" He pressed suspiciously. As soon as those words exited his mouth, my fear and confusion melted into a cold anger.

      Awful. Guilty. Psh, I did the right thing, and I don't feel guilty for it. Never will I EVER feel bad for the 'crime' I committed. I glared at him as I stood up, "I have nothing to hide. You frightened me, is that so hard to comprehend? Now, who exactly are you, and what are you really doing here?" I questioned coldly, meeting eyes with the brown headed boy. He stared in my eyes fir a moment, before they seemed to fill with a deep fear and nervousness, causing him to look away. "W-Well, I'm Tommy, and that loser there is Uni." He said jokingly, gesturing towards and annoyed looking Uni.

        I nodded slightly in understanding. That's strange... I thought. Maybe it was the way he seemed to recognize something in my eye, or the way his voice wavered when he spoke, but something seemed off. "Now, what are you doing here?" I repeated sternly. "Well we-" Uni met my eyes and his sentence cut off.  He had the same reaction as Tommy, the same...Fear. Why is he scared? I haven't even done anything yet. I thought, slightly confused.

   "Well, uh, I mean...We don't really...Know...." Uni managed to say, glancing at Tommy. They shared a knowing look, it was only for a moment, but it caused me to wonder more. Did they know something? I ignored it, and continued on with my interrogation. "What do you mean you 'don't really know'?" I questioned. "We mean we don't know, creamdip! Last I remember I was-" He cut himself off, looking more scared then before. "You were what?" I pressed. "Getting killed..." Uni finished, looking down sorrowfully. I was slightly surprised by this, "You guys were...Murdered?" I asked. They both nodded slightly, and while that was interesting to know, it still raised many new questions.

      "Then what were you two doing in a couple of dirty necklaces 6 feet underground?" I asked, before realized my mistake, but I didn't react. "Well I don't- Wait, what were you doing digging 6 feet underground?" Tommy asked, he sounded rather unerved. But, I guess I can get why. "Why do you care what I do?" I asked, trying not to give anything away. Tommy opened his mouth to ask another question, but Uni cut him off. "Tommy, stop. Don't you think we have a bigger problem on our hands?"

      I nodded, "I agree." I stated. Tommy looked annoyed and upset, but sighed in defeat. "I guess so..." He admitted. "So, why were you guys trapped in those necklaces?" I asked. "I'm...Not sure. That is weird, though." Uni agreed, looking down thoughtfully. He then looked at Tommy, "Do you remember what happened after we died?" He asked. Tommy shook his head, "No, I was screaming, I was hurt, then just...Black." Tommy admitted. Uni nodded in agreement, "Yeah...Same for me." I sighed in annoyance, "There is a serious amount of unanswered questions here." I groaned in annoyance.

      "Well, I'm sorry, Carl. It isn't our fault we got murdered, and can't remember what happened!" Tommy complained. I stared at him in confusion, "Carl...?" I asked. "We don't know your name, creamdip. I had to improvise." He said with a shrug. I rolled my eyes, "I'm not going to tell you my name. But call me Carl one more time, and I'll kick your ectoplasmic ass." I growled. "Awe, c'mon friend, why not?" Uni whined. "First off, I'm not your friend. Second off, because you don't need to know." I growled. "Whatever." Tommy sighed. Then, Uni looked at me, but he seemed to be avoiding eye contact. "So, what are you going to do with us now?" He asked. I thought for a moment, "I'm not sure...But I guess we might aswell get to know each a little bit. I mean, I have nothing better to do." I grumbled. Though, I was still curious about these two ghostly enigmas.

A/N wow, I haven't updated since last year lol. A lot has happened recently. But regardless, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! It's short, and maybe a little rushed, but it's something, I guess? Anyways, I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAY, AND SEE YA LATER!

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