Bat Baz

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Simon: Baz please. I'm begging you

Baz: Simon, I need you to respect my choices. This is where I want to be

Simon: But Baz. This isn't right. It's cold up there and dusty and how do you know the bats will except you as one of their own?!

Baz: *pacing back and for on the rafters of a hidden attic he found in Fiona's apartment* Simon these are my people! They understand my ways in a way you never could!

Simon: BAZ! You and I both know you're too much of a priss to be up there more than an hour! You'll be wanting a shower and some hot tea any minute now. So get the fuck down from there! THE BATS ARE GETTING HOSTILE

Baz: ...

Baz: fine.

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