Chapter#:7 (Season 2 Part One) The Start Of A Rivalry

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I/M/M stands for In My Mind

I watched silently as I saw Bakugou leaving the ring I turned to Midoriya only to find him not there I turned back to the stage to see the next match they called it was Kirishima and Tetsutetsu They had a table made of concrete at first I was confuse until I was told they were going to have a arm-wrestling match which I sadly didn't care for causing me to leave I started walking down stairs when I so happened to walk past the Infirmary when I stared to hear crying I could tell right away that it was Ochaco and It didn't sound like it was from pain but more from defeat I closed my eyes and started searching for Midoriya after a couple of minutes I found Midoriya in the hallways walking back towards the seats for the matches I walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder

Y/N: Hey

Midoriya: Hey What's Up

Y/N: Ochaco Is her name right?

Midoriya: Yeah Why

Y/N: Well she is crying In th-

Before I could finish my sentence he ran off towards the Infirmary

Y/N: Jeez

I said out loud while walking back to the seats

I sat down on one of the seats to see everyone look at me

Y/N: what?

I look forward to see the next match

Y/N vs Shoto Todoroki

I instantly start to hear whispers and bets being placed

I/M/M: This will be easy and fun

I get up and leave to get ready once I leave the area I start to laugh

but am quickly stopped by Midoriya

Midoriya: Y/N I have a favor to ask you

Y/N: What is it

Midoriya: Originally I was going against him but they changed it for some reason

Midoriya: What I want you to do is bring out his full capability

Y/N: Why?

Midoriya: Because It's clear that he is driven by hate and refuses to use his other side because of his hate I wanted to bring that out but now I can't

Y/N: Well how do you expect me to do that

Midoriya: I don't know just push him or something

Y/N: *sigh* and I really was looking forward to a simple push out of bounds

Midoriya Smiles at me

Midoriya: Thanks

He then runs up to watch the fight

I go to the locker room to think of a strategy because this will be my first fight against another powerful quirk where I can't just try to win

after a while they called me down to the arena I stood on the opposite side from Todoroki

He stares at me with frustration

after Present Mic said fight

Todoroki instantly sent waves of ice toward me I dodged most of them but one hit me on the side of my cheek leaving a little cut

I jumped back stopping time and then running at him I grabbed both his arms and summoned handcuffs and tied them both up behind his back then I resumed time and whispered in his ear

You can't beat me with just half your power

he turns to me with anger in his eyes

Todoroki: What Did My Old Man Tell You To Say That

He said headbutting me and freezing the cuffs and then breaking them

Todoroki: I refuse to use my old man's power

he said sending another wave of ice towards I jumped over that one and ran at him he punched me but I wrapped my hands around his head stepped in front of his foot and threw him forward with me on top I let go of his head and start punching him in his stomach while he is on the ground he kicks me back and gets back up he touches the ground and the entire arena turns to ice the ice grabbed my foot and started crawling up my leg I closed my eyes trying to activate my newly acquired power

I open my eyes with confidence and started to reverse only the ice not the fight

When the Ice went away he looked shocked giving me enough time to charge in I kneed him in the stomach and went in for a punch until flames started bursting out from his body I jumped back surprised but I regained composure I look up at him as he screams at me

Todoroki (Angry): Look At What You Made Me Do!

Sending Waves of Ice and Fire My way he hits me with the fire almost sending me out of bounds

I then reverse the burn

Y/N: You Said Earlier That You Refuse Your Dads Power But You Do Know Parents Don't Have Anything To Do With There Kid's Quirk Technically Meaning

Y/N: It's Your Own Power Your Rejecting

He stopped attacking Registering what I just said He Smiles

Todoroki: Helping Your Enemy You Must Be Stupid Or Something

He Instantly Starts Spewing Out Fire And Ice

It starts becoming difficult to keep up with him

Y/N: Jeez

I look up to Midoriya looking for any sign of approval

He looks down at me figuring what I am attempting to do

He Nods

I jump back from an Incoming Flame

I Smile Running at him he send Ice at me and I stop time I run past all the flames and ice and step in front of him

and resume time he jumps back out of shock

Y/N: Thanks for the fight I would love to fight you again sometime

Todoroki: Wha-

Midnight: Shoto Todoroki Has Stepped Out Of Bounds

Midnight: Y/N L/N Wins

I put my hands In my pockets and walk off

when I reach the Locker room I see Todoroki

Y/N: Hey

Todoroki: Hey

Y/N: So No Hard Feelings

Todoroki: No

Y/N: Grea-

Todoroki: But I will surpass you

I turned to him shocked because no one has ever said that to me

(Not Bakugou because he thinks he is already better then everyone)

Y/N: Is that a challenge

Todoroki: No It's a FACT

I start laughing

Y/N: All Right Then We Shall See

Alright That Is the End Of The Chapter And Honestly I'm So Proud Of Myself For Sticking To The Schedule For Just This First Week But Anyway

Thanks For Reading

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