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June 12, 2018

Harley D.

I sped off from the stop sign and continued to drive to my destination. My heart was literally pounding in my chest. I quickly pulled over when I saw her. I watched as she harassed almost everyone who walked past her. Throwing things at them and yelling at them. I sighed before getting out of the car.

"Auntie let's go." I told her. Her shirt was ripped and she didn't have shoes on. But did she care? No. She was out here looking like a crackhead.

"Get the fuck out my face!" She yelled. I could see the anger in her brown orbs as she looked at me with disgust. I should be the one disgusted.

"You look a mess! Get in the car!" I tried to grab her arm but she yanked away.

"Ma'am, do you know this woman?" A tall white man asked me.

"Yes. She's my aunt."

"Harley, thank God you showed up!" Megan said as she walked towards me. She called me earlier and told me that my aunt was downtown going crazy yelling and knocking stuff down in a corner store. This wasn't her first time being wild and out of control in public. I was there every time to try to calm her down but she was too stubborn.

"Can you please get her off my property? If you won't the police will!" The man yelled at me.

"Okay you don't have to be so rude! She's tryin' her best!" Megan yelled back. He threw his hands in the air and walked back into his store.


"Auntie, they're gonna call the cops. Please, just get in the car!" I pleaded. She didn't care about going to jail but I did. I hated seeing her in there.

"Get out my face I said! Oh, you wanna get hit too?!" She yelled at me. Knowing what she was capable of, I backed off. As she continued to yell at the bystanders on the street, a gray Dodge Charger nearly came up on the curb as the person threw their car into park.

"What the fuck you doin' out here huh? Givin' these people a show get 'cho ass in the car!" My brother yelled right after he jumped out of the car.

Great. Just great.

I sighed as I watched the heated argument unfold in front of me. My brother tried his best to get our aunt off of the streets but she was in too deep. The drugs called her name and she was right there waiting for her next fix.

"Boy, I'm still your aunt don't talk to me like that! I practically raised you!" She yelled. This time she was in his face.

"Excuse me! I'm gonna have to ask you to get off my front! You're scaring my customers!" The store owner yelled at us again.

"Still my aunt?! Not actin' like this! What you on now? That K-2 shit again?!"

"I'm a grown ass woman don't question me!"

"Yeah. I knew it. You gon' kill yo'self fuckin' wit' that shit! Take yo' ass home before they lock yo' ass up! Look, you got Harley cryin' over you! You think she wanna see this?! No!" He continued to yell at her. I didn't even know tears were streaming down my face until I felt Megan rubbing my back. My aunt looked at me before rolling her eyes.

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