20. Stolen

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Elle sat wide-eyed on Dean's bed and looked at the massive flower arrangement atop the mantelpiece. It hadn't been there when they had left the apartment for Tess's final dress fitting. Upon their return, she'd discovered the monstrous bouquet waiting for her in Dean's room.

On any other night she might have enlisted Bonnie's help to be certain she was not imagining things, but last into the night, and slightly drunk from multiple flutes of champagne at the dress fitting, Dean's gift was much easier to accept. Elle smiled wide at the flower arrangement, before sliding into Dean's bed and falling asleep.

That feeling, however, was slightly reversed the next morning. There she was, almost seven hours later sitting on the huge bed and staring at the flowers, wondering why. She assumed it was from Dean, but hadn't yet checked the card that was wedged between the stems. For all she knew, they could very well be from Jared and Tess to say thank you for taking on the wedding on such short notice. But of course, she didn't know anything for sure. She pushed off the bed, her breath catching in her throat as she took the small envelope tentatively; worried the card would shrivel up at her mere touch. She peeled the back off and pulled out the card to find only one word inside. He had simply signed his name and nothing more.

"Elle!" Bonnie's frantic cry came down the corridor and before Elle had time to hide the card or the bouquet, the door flung open and there stood Bonnie in her pyjamas. "Oh. My. God. What is that?"

Elle felt her cheeks flush. "Dean must have..."

"Brought them in for you while we were out last night," came a rapid-fire guess accompanied with a knowing grin.

"I suppose," Elle shrugged.

"What does the card say?"



"Except his name."

"Are you seeing him today?" Bonnie scuttled over to sit on the bed. Elle shrugged. Dean was the best man and brother of the groom. They could bump into him at any time during the next four days. "I really think you should date him," Bonnie said lightly, her eyes on the enchanting flowers.

"I didn't ask what you think," Elle snapped back, sternly to her own surprise and watched her friend's face fall. "I didn't mean that..."

"Sure you did." Bonnie slowly got off the bed. "I'm sorry if I sound pushy or whatever but I've seen how you two are around each other. I just want to see you happy."

Elle sighed. She knew why, or who rather, had caused her mood to be shot to hell. The fight with Harry had completely unnerved her and for some crazy reason, she was turning into an animal, furious at everyone for little to no reason. "I'm sorry, Bonnie. I'm not sure I'm ready for someone new in my life right now."

"If only you could see what I see," Bonnie said.

"What do you mean?"

"You'll know soon enough I guess," she about turned for the door. "We should get ready. Pre-wedding today."

"Wait, what do you mean I'll find out soon enough?"

Bonnie cracked a sad smile. "This week will be your week with him." With that she slipped out the door, leaving Elle wondering.

As the morning grew brighter and the sun rose higher, Elle stepped into the elevator with Bonnie, determined that, if she couldn't make a conscious decision about Dean, either way, she'd at least attempt not to go against the flow.

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