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      On a night when a thunderstorm was unleashing its fury, a group of field scientists in an unknown forest in the New United States of America (Eastern Zone), were collecting the body of a human-like being but with long ears and pink bristly hair. His clothes look half military and half royal, similar to how the Senate used to dress in the Roman Empire.

2 Everyone shouted at each other to speed up the process and bring the body to a safe place.

3 The body, once inside a truck (which looked more like a ship), was put in a capsule with a liquid called N-Booster.

4 This smart liquid scans the body and provides nutrients as needed.

5 The mission was to bring the discovery of this being to SENI, a place dedicated to performing experiments with the unknown (Crypto-Scientists). However, just before arriving at the central operations base with unknown entities, all full of pride for the discovery, they began to shout and celebrate.

6 Dense darkness monopolized the area where this unknown being was. It was so dense that many began to hyperventilate as if they were drowning.

7 When they tried to escape from the truck there was a big explosion, the SENI security personnel noticed the explosion and reinforced security by sending more personnel to check the explosion epicenter.

8 They found in the middle of the flames and ruins the body of the strange being that they had decided to call Z-ID09 inside the capsule.

9 Immediately and with much fear they took the body with safety chains and transported him to the 18th room on the 27th floor . This is the highest and safest floor in the entire building.

10 No trace of the other scientists was found.

11 Z-ID09 passed 9 minutes in custody, when the general of the army of the division of the New United States (DE NEU), M. Jackson, appeared along with 25 soldiers to claim the being as a property of the government.

12 The staff present there suggested him to not make any move since he could put all his men at risk.

13 The General demanded an explanation for such assertion. The staff explained to him what had happened so far, including videos from the security cameras.

14. After analyzing the report of what happened, the general decided to assign shifts so that they would stay there all day and night until they could confirm that the environment was safe.

15 The SENI scientists were doing different tests on the body of Z-ID09, including the study of a ring similar to the face of a lion.

16 He was wearing it on his left hand Ring Finger.

17 The object could not be removed from his finger because it contracted when pressed.

18 2 days, 5 hours and 2 minutes passed when the general shouted angrily: "This is not going anywhere! The body is ours! "

19. Suddenly, that dense darkness that had appeared just before the explosion reappeared.

20 All confused were prepared to defend themselves.

21 For the moment, scientists began to fly and be thrown against the walls.

22 This was the trigger for everyone to start using their rifles.

23 A bullet broke the capsule where Z-ID09 was chained. In the blink of an eye, a small stream of N-Boost began to sprout from the bullet hole, a thing that soon became a waterfall.

24 The liquid caused one of the scientists to slip and fall into the puddle.

25 The scientist with blurred vision tried to return to understand the context in which he was, but unable to get rid of the confusion produced by the blow to his head to have hit the ground.

26 After a few seconds, he could clearly see the true being that was inside the dense darkness.

27 The being in the dark noticed being seen and decides to go out the door and down the stairs suspended in the air.

28 "I knew it! I knew that it was not you who caused the tragedy ... "said the scientist, while looking at Z-ID09 and untying his chains. When he removed the last chain he was unconscious.

29 The night passed and dawn came. A ray of sunlight subtly struck the face of Z-ID09.

30 He, opening his eyes as if after sleep is still sleepy, suddenly opens his eyes greatly.

31 "... what ... happened?!" - said surprised Z-ID09.

32 The being looked around trying to understand what has happened.

33 Shattered bodies and a ruined laboratory only make him think the worst.

34 After this, he decides to see a label that he had tied to his hand and it said Z-ID09 but he read it as ZID 09 because the script was blurred.

35 Being half-naked he decided to take the clothes of the scientist who had seen the creature in the darkness and who was still prostrate on the ground. Zid thought he was dead.

36 Immediately he hurried to leave the building but just before leaving he heard a voice that said: "Here we are."

37 The voice came from a room that had the door knocked down.

38 Zid once inside could see a collection of 3 gems in 3 different boxes and 3 labels in each of them.

39 The first box had a sapphire with a label that said X-ID01 and a description that mentioned: "It is heard like the water of a river when it grows. It's like an aquatic sensation."

40 The second box had a ruby with a label that said X-ID02 and a description that mentioned: "It sounds like fire when it consumes firewood. It's like a flammable sensation. "

41 The third box had an emerald with a label that said X-ID03 and a description that mentioned: "It sounds like a forest in spring. It's like a botanical sensation."

42. Zid stayed a while thinking what all this could mean.

43 While doing this, an explosion broke out outside the building.

44 Zid hurried to take the ruby to confirm what he read about it.

45 As he runs out of the building, Zid is speechless, discovers a world he never imagined he could see ...

(It will continue in the next Chapter...)

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