To Josh. (front)

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Josh woke up in a bed with dark blue bed sheets with a white outline of flying birds on it. He didn't recognize the bedsheets, and neither did he recognize the dark blue painted ceiling with white stars painted on it. He sat up and looked around the room, seeing different furniture and decorations placed around the room, but they didn't ring a bell.

He didn't know where he was as he got off the bed and opened the curtain. He looked out the window, but the streets didn't look familiar either.

He stepped back and made his way to the door, 'cause while he wasn't scared, he was curious where he was. He wasn't in the apartment he shared with his best friend.

But then he noticed a white envelope stuck to the door. It had his name on it.

To Josh.
Read this before leaving the room.

Josh removed the envelope from the door and sat down on the side of the bed. He opened it and found a letter inside.

Hey you, this is you from last night.

I know you don't know where you are, and you don't remember anything recent. Let me tell you why.

Before I tell you, just remember this: you don't have to be scared. I can promise you that. Look at the picture frame on the dresser. You know those people, right?

Josh looked at the picture. As the letter said, he knew those people indeed.

Mom, dad, Ashley, Abigail and Jordan. Your family. My family, since I'm you from last night. Or do I say our family? But we're the same person, so I guess I can just say your family.

Josh frowned lightly. Did he really write this? Why couldn't he remember?

By now you probably wonder if you actually wrote this.

That kinda gave Josh chills. No one would foresee that if they didn't know him, would they?

Well, I can say for sure that yes, you did, since I'm you and I'm writing this at the moment. But I know it's weird. Walk to the desk and open the top drawer. There's a dark blue notebook with a sailboat on it. There's a pen on top of the desk. Write something down, and you'll see that you indeed wrote this.

Josh put the letter down and made his way to the desk. He opened it and found the notebook and the pen. He opened the notebook and his breath hitched for a moment.

The first page had the same sentence written over and over again, with different pens, ink, markers or pencils in different colors.

Hi, I'm Joshua
Hi, I'm Joshua
Hi, I'm Joshua
Hi, I'm Joshua

They were all written in the same handwriting. Josh flipped the page, and another one, and another one, and several other pages and they were all filled with that same sentence:

Hi, I'm Joshua

He then finally reached a page that wasn't completely filled. It was halfway filled and he grabbed the pen. He sighed softly. "Here goes nothing", he thought, and he wrote in the notebook.

Hi, I'm Joshua

He wrote it the exact same without even trying. He let out a shaky breath as he looked back at the letter on the bed that was written in the exact same handwriting.

He wrote that. He wrote that letter: it was him from last night. But he couldn't remember.

Josh put the notebook and pen back and went back to the bed. He grabbed the letter.

Now that you know that I am indeed really you, and you just don't remember writing this, let me tell you why you can't remember.

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