The Weirdest of Reunions

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I have heard of not judging a book by its cover, but as a doctor, I was forced to judge my patients as I approached them. It made me a judgmental person, but at least I never had the chance to be surprised.

I don't like surprises, but what I'm witnessing makes me quite startled. I could tell Aarav was surprised as well, seeing that his jaw is moping the floor in shock.

Aarav inches closer to me, whether it was for my protection or because of his fear, I will never know.

The ceiling of the building was as high as the sky, giving it a touch of extravagance. The walls were decorated with golden wallpaper, not a hint of imperfection to be spotted. The floor was made of dark blue marble, and my surprised reflection stared back at me with wide eyes and messy hair.

There's stairs leading up to the second floor, where a balcony is situated in the middle. The enormous room was oddly empty with multiple doors on the other side. I suddenly realized that there was a bright chandelier hanging from the middle of the ceiling, exactly proportionate with the room. It couldn't even classify as a room. It would be more of a ceremony hall.

There's people here, since no fool would leave a building without turning off the lights. The building didn't look as abandoned as it seemed from the outside. It's furnishing are taken care, by the looks of it. Not a single speck of dust dared to fall on the lavish furnishings below the chandelier.

It all looks expensive and I have no clue how a man who just spent half his life in jail could have acquired this much money to create such lavishness for himself.

Maybe Aniket's biological father inherited the money? Or killed a rich person?

The second option seems more likely, but I stop on my thoughts when I hear the faint noise of a engine dying.

"Someone's here. Hide!" I whisper to Aarav. He takes my crutches in one hand, and picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder. He runs across the room to the door, and opens a random door. It's locked, so he tries another.

I'm taken aback when the door opens, and Aarav doesn't waste time sliding through. The room is filled with tranquil silence, except for sharp gasps and a couple of shrieks.

Aarav traces his hands on the wall, trying to look for a light switch, while simultaneously trying to readjust me on his shoulder. He gives out a gasp as he flicks the light on, and suddenly places me on the ground, albeit, unexpectedly gentle.

"Who are you?!"

There are at least twelve girls in here, crouching on two small beds lining the walls. They all wore excessive makeup, with little clothes on their bodies. They are all what some would call beautiful, but some (who lived under a rock for two centuries and never knew about feminism), would call them sleazy.

Aarav's eyes go wide at the sight of all women, but I stare back at them as they try to examine me. Some of the women who had the most revealing outfits I've ever seen, looked at Aarav. No, they looked at him as if they've never seen a man before.

"Better question. Who are you people?" I ask, pointing at them all.

The tall girl, who asked me the question, snorts, turning her head in disgust. "You're here for whatever we're here for, by the looks of it." She says, looking at my tattered red dress, fixed with clear tape.

"And what is that?" I ask, folding my arms over my chest and raising my chin confidently. Were they also here after firing a police officer, scheduling a rendezvous with the city commissioner, receiving a love confession, and breaking and entering into a building in the middle of nowhere?

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