Your child has a nightmare

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Leondre- You had just joined Leo on the couch watching a movie after you put your 3 year old daughter Amy to sleep. You were half way through the film when you heard little footsteps coming down the stairs. "Mommy...Daddy" Amy said whilst crying. You instantly knew what was wrong. She had been having nightmares for a few weeks now and the only thing you could do was to try and comfort her. "Come here princess" Leo said, lifting her into his lap. She instantly put her head in his chest. "Do you want to talk about it" you asked her, not trying to force an answer from her. She shook her head and continued crying into Leos chest. You had never seen her cry like this before and it hurt knowing you couldnt do anything about it. "Dont worry princess, nothing can hurt you now, daddys got you" Leo whispers into her ears, calming her down. Once she was calm he kissed her forehead and passed her to you. Knowing she was a daddys girl you passed her back to him. Leo had a confused look on his face. "Shes a daddys girl Leo, you can calm her down quicker than me" you said, trying to act like it didnt hurt saying that. Amy had always loved you both but was more attatched to Leo. You were to busy in your thoughts to realise that Leo and Amy had gone, leaving you wIth your thoughts, You turned the tv off and went into your room. They wernt there. Then you heard snoring coming from Amys room. Just as you popped your head in her room you saw the most beautiful thing ever. The two people you loved most in the world fast asleep cuddled up next to each other. You decided to leave Leo where he was and go back to your room for some well deserved beauty rest.

Charlie- You were woken up by someone shaking you. Thinking it was Charlie you ignored them. Then they began to sob. "Mommy wake up" said the timid voice. You instantly knew who it was. Your 5 year old son Liam. "Honey whats wrong" you asked whilst picking him up and cradling him in your arms. "I had a b..bad dream" he said inbetween crys. "What was you dream about" you asked him, not wanting to start a whole conversation because it was 3am. "You and Daddy left, i couldnt find you" he whispered. "Buddy it was just a dream, nothings going to happen, me and mommy are still here and arnt going anywhere" Charlie cooed. He must have woken up with all the crying. Your sons crys became quieter. "How about i take you back to bed and read a book to you" you asked waiting for an answer from your son. "Or he could sleep in our bed with us for tonight" Charlie said. You could tell her was tried and just wanted to solve the problem quickly. "Yeah, that sounds good" you said, putting your son between the two of you. Charlie instantly put his arms around his son, making him feel safe. You always loved little things like this. They were only little but you would always remember them.

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