How he cheers you up

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Leondre- Leondre can be very romantic and sweet at times. He buys you chocolates, flowers and gives you cuddles all day. When your upset you focus on one thing. You dont look at anyone when there speaking and you ignore people who are speaking to you. Leondre always knows what to do thought. He doesnt pressure you into telling him whats wrong but he doesnt let it go either. You eventually give in and tell him. He always listens and gives you advise. Hes the perfect boyfriend you could ever wish for.

Charlie- When your upset Charlie never knows what to do. He tries to make jokes out of it but you just get angry. He can tell that what hes doing isnt helping so he lets you have your space. At the end of the day he would always hold you close and cuddle you, telling you that he loves you. You would always cry into his chest. You got very emotional at times and Charlie had always found away to cheer you up. Just the thought of having this amazing and wonderful boyfriend makes you emotional. He was by far the best boyfriend in the world.

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