i failed 2 tests and i want to die but expect that, im fine

730 10 55


Its 23:27, Im having school tommorow and im blasting on Imagine dragon's old song, warriors.

Shit is pretty dope.

Also, im crying cuz I was reading thirty pages of Hamilton angst, where Alex is all badass and John wants to be his friend and they become bf's and Alex fucking gots lung stage 3 cancer and dies.

So my life is pretty good now.

The story is called Motorcyclist.

Anyways, i dont have motivation to write, expect for tags.

So im gonna do this.

So im gonna do this

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1. Phone.

Bc im going to hotel, yeah im living close to hotel, and they have parks for my bro to play and wifi, so im taking phone with me to chat with mah gf cuz why not?

2. Ehhh im not really into make up, but I like Essence. Their nail polish are awesome, fuk off.

3. Cherry blossom and roses

4. Ehhh, H&M is good ig.

Idk man, i just wear whatever the fuc is comfortable.

5. I hate perfume cuz if I smell on perfume once and try it on others,they all will smell the same as the first and my nose with be itchy so no

6. Flats. Or corcs

7. Nah, im not great student.

The only good thing im good is at art and at english

8. Warm colors (orange, yellow, red) and rose gold (if that counts like color-)

9. Meh, nah.

I used to drink Hell at summer bc it tasted pretty good. But other than that, naw.

10. Duh

11. Depends.

I actually learned to COMPLETE swim last year so yeah.

Lmao im 14 and barely even know how to swim.

12. Sometimes.

13. Wtf does that supposed to mean-

14. Mhm :33

With mah gf uwu

15. Pretty much yeah, im actually sensitive and get pretty fast emotive so-

16. Uhhh now that it mentioned, I kinda do believe in ghosts?? Idk

17. Yep.

I am acrophobic which is fear of heights.

18. Ew no-

19. Yep, countless of times.

Once when me and my sis were going to mall, I was 9 at that time and we needed to help mum cuz she was pregant. So me and my sis took the other way and since the road was curvy, this damn car dashed into us but it hit the hill.

So me and my sis were okay but if we were few centimeter at that spot, we would be dead.

Also, btw, the driver was drunk and he stole his friend car and police arrested him.

20. Nahhh, I love tea and i dont like coffee. But I like cappuccino.

So that is it









And the rest of you, can do it if u want ig...

Also, i have been thinking of making BMC or Heathers smoothies and slushies (no pun intended)

So if yall want, i shall do big booklet of those :3


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