Chapter 6: Your So Beautiful.

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Did I just ruin his life? Well, I just have to suck it up and play a good show for everyone. This will be interesting.


"Babe!!" I scream trying to look for Savannah while ripping through the crowd. "Ashley!!" I hear but only see a hand waving in the air with warpaint all over her hand. I know it's her. I run through the crowd and get to her. "Found you!" I say picking her up bridal style and carrying her into the venue as a sea of 'Aww's' and 'Boo's' wash over. I don't care what people think of us. I think that we are an amazing couple and that we will last for a long time. Well, I hope we last. I'm tired of always going to clubs and picking up the first girl I see. I want to have someone to hold and call mine. (I know I sound like a pure girl but it's the truth) I walk behind the stage still carrying Savanah but she jumps down and falls on the couch. "Where were we?" She says pulling me onto the couch then she flips over and she ends up on top of me. She starts to kiss me and trys to unbuckle my belt because I always preform without a shirt. "Woah! Save it for the tour!!" Andy says carrying Patricia, Who is fast asleep in his arms. Savannah gets up and starts walking away looking back every now and then. "You tease..." I say while looking down at what she left me with. Dammit! How am I going to get rid of this? I get up and walk towards Savannah who is doing her warpaint over again because it got smuged. "Thanks a lot!" I say wrapping my arms around her waist. She turns and looks at me. She wasn't fixing her warpaint... She was.. Crying. But why? "Babe. Why are you crying?" I say looking into her beautiful green eyes. "I'm sorry. I understand if you don't want to be with me or seen with me anymore. Just get it over with." She says holding up her arms showing me the recent cuts she had made. I just noticed how many times she had harmed herself. Again. I pull her into a hug and I can feel the blood run down my back. I pick her up again and take her to the bathroom. I start to wash her cuts and kiss everyone of them. Even the ones on her thighs. She is so beautiful. I dont see why she would want to do this. She is so beautiful. I quickly get her arm under the stream of cold water. "Dammit!" She screams and pulls away. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you... C-Can I ask you a question?" I say trying to fight back the tears in my eyes. "Shoot." I hear her say. She grabs my hand and starts to shake. "Why did you do this? Your so beautiful.." She stands up and walks towards the shower that is in there. "Come here." She points to me and motions for me to some over. I get up and stumble a little towards the shower. Savannah turns on the shower and all of our warpaint starts to run down our bodies. She starts to kiss me and I can feel her cringe. "Are you okay? I don't want you to be in pain." I say breaking away and backing up. She kisses me again. "You are the thing that heals me. The only thing that I need. All love is like a drug, We can't quit that addiction and I am not going to stop anytime soon, Ashley Purdy." She turns off the water and grabs my hand to take me backstage again. I need to be fast with my warpaint. We go on in 5 minutes! "What the hell man!! Get ready!" Andy says walking up to me. "Jinxx, Jake, CC!!" Andy calls and eventually they all show up with belts full of warpaint just like Batman's Utility belt. "Let me guess, Ashley needs help once again?" Jake says slouching over. "BRIDE CREW TO THE RESCUE!!!" Says an obviously drunk CC. CC actually plays better when he is drunk. Everyone starts to pile around me touching my body to put on my warpaint. I put in my headset and everyone backs away to look at me. I get my bass and put the strap over my body and line up behind the guys to get ready. "Have an amazing show." Savanah says and gives me a kiss on the forehead. My turn to go out. Jinxx comes up behind me before I go out and he is really really sweaty. Looks like Jake after he has really good sex. Jake comes out really really sweaty as well. What the fuck just happened? Jake whsipers something in Jinxx's ear and they both walk in the opposite direction of the stage. I decide to follow them and see why they are so sweaty and what is going on. Jinxx and Jake walk into a room and begin to run. I follow really close behind them. Jake grabs Jinxx by the waist and pulls him closer. I couldn't hear what Jake said but I hear nothing but silence so I look into the room. I see Jake kissing Jinxx. "WHAT THE HELL?!?!"  I scream and walk up to Jake. "Why would you do this to CC, Jake!! He doesn't deserve this!" CC comes around the corner and Jinxx and Jake untangle themselves just in time. "I.. Heard Ashley scream... Is everything okay?" CC says with a look of uncertanty in his eyes. "Yeah. We're fine baby. We will be on stage in a minute." CC nods and walks away. I hear CC mumble under his breath, "Asshole. I thought you loved me." I see CC wipe a tear away from his face as he walks away. I start to run after CC when I feel Jake pull my arm. Jake whispers in my ear, "Let's have a good night tonight on stage and lets not speak of this. Okay?" I pull away from Jake's grasp. "Fuck. You." I say following CC onto the stage. I go out and we all start playing, "Rebel Yell" and I see CC taking out his anger on the drums. He is beating on the drums like they are a redheaded step child and they owe him money. I can see his eyes fill with tears. He tries to hold them back but he couldn't so now it looks like a waterfall. I walk up to the drum riser and start to scream to CC. "Hey man, You okay?" CC shakes his head and screams back. "My fucking boyfriend is a liar!" CC starts to beat on the drums way harder. I walk away and walk towards Jinxx. He looks at me with a sense of hatred and disgust and walks to Jake and they get back to back and start to play the solo. What has happened to this band?

Chapter 6!!! I tried to make this one a little longer than the others. I hope you all like it! Tell me what you think in the comment section! Thanks.

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