John Doe

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Mary Margret was going on a date with Dr.Whale tonight. I hope it works out, she deserves to have someone. Mabey not with Dr.Whale though, he's a douche. I was doing my homework at the table when Mary Margret came in.

‘’how was it?’’I asked looking up at her.

‘’horrible’’she said sitting down in the chair in front of me.

‘’well he is kind of a douche bag’’I said putting my pencil down.

‘’yeah he is’’she said.

 ‘’don’t worry you will find love someday’’I said giving her a smile

‘’I hope so. Did you know that Emma is living in her car?’’

‘’no I didn’t. I assumed she was staying at granny's’’I said taking a sip of my tea that was next to me.

‘’no, shes sleeping in her car. I offered her the spare room upstairs but she didn’t take it.’’

‘’well if she changes her mind I wouldn’t mind her staying here.’’I said before getting up and going to the sink, setting my empty cup in.

‘’well im going to bed, goodnight’’Mary Margret said getting up.

‘’night. Oh and I need you to call the office about me going to the hospital with you and your class for that program tomorrow. They wouldn’t take my note’’I said

‘’okay I will first thing in the morning’’

I nodded and I went to my room to get some sleep.

The next day I went to the hospital with Mary Margret and her class. It was a program to help the sick people. We were going to put up banners and drawings for them. I looked over to a room that had a john doe. Hes been in a coma for a long time, I come here with Mary Margret to do her rounds sometimes. She loves to come here and volunteer. Henry was standing next to the john doe. I nudged Mary Margret and i pointed to Henry.

‘’I got it’’she said.  I walked over to Mrs. Perkins and put some flowers on the table next to her.  She smiled at me.

‘’its always lovely to see your face around here, sweetie’’she said. I felt bad for her, she is old, like 80 and she has cancer. She’s very sweet.

‘’thank you, Mrs. Perkins, its always good to see you’’

She patted my hand and I smiled at her before walking away to Henry, who was gesturing for  me to come over to him.

‘’the John Doe is Prince charming’’he said. I looked at the John Doe and then back at Henry.

‘’you sure?’’I asked

‘’im sure. He has the same scar in his face. The coma is keeping him and Mary Margret apart.’’

‘’and hes Emma's father, and Mary Margret is Emma's mother’’

‘’yes, do you need a list?’’he asked. I laughed.

‘’no, I think im good.’’

I ruffled his hair’’lets put some drawings up’’

‘’you want me to read to a coma patient?’’Mary Margret said as she handed Emma her coco before handing me some. Emma had come to the apartment to tell us that Henry wanted Mary Margret to read to the John Doe.

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