Minato-senpai... Maid?!...

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Two males sat, looking shocked, at each other, then back at the third male in the room.
The younger male, Akira Kurusu, played with his dark curls, smiling nerviously, he looked at the only standing male.

"Why are you wearing that?..." He said laughing.
"Yukari said I'd look 'cute' in this. I don't know why. She kind of forced me to." The older male, Minato Arisato, said looking down with a frown. "I know it doesn't fit me."

The one male that had kept quiet, Yu Narukami, finally gained the guts to speak, rejoining the conversation.
"Well, I surely never thought you'd dress like a Maid."
"Me either," Minato snapped back, "But I feel like I didn't have a chance no matter what I did. I'd be forced to wear this one way or another, so it was better just to comply."

"Well, I think you look great." Akira said, so relieved he almost seemed proud, crossing his arms and smiling at the male as he tried his best to keep the Maid dress well-put, so they wouldn't be able to see somewhere in concrete.
Said male slightly blushed, finally noticing the stares coming from the other two, and the situation he was in.

'Oh, this is dangerous' the male thought to himselve, and oh it was dangerous.

The silver-haired male got up from his spot, and leaned closer to the elder's face. This one, in shock, tried his best to keep calm, both of them stared right through each other's soul.
In the back, Akira, who seemed bothered now that the elder was covered by Yu's figure, got up as well and stepped close, looking at both of them from a side angle.

"Staring contest?" He said, with a smile. "C'mon, let's give him time to get changed. Those clothes must be pretty annoying." Akira stated, grabbing Yu from his shoulder, pushing back.

"Actually, I'll wear them for a bit longer." Minato replied before Yu could deffend himselve, stepping closer so no one else could actually hear. "I'll... I'll try and be a good Maid. Just because I'm bored, and my earphones have been taken away by certain someone..." He said looking to a side, seeming indignized.

"Wh- For real?!" Akira quickly snapped as Yu let out a tired sigh after being interrupted 2 or 3 times in a row already.
"You really shouldn't burden yourselve like that, Minato-senpai..." He said, pulling his silver locks up with a hand and letting them free again. "You might not want to serve people like a Maid..."
"Right, Minato-senpai." Akira followed, fixing his lens. "Don't push yourselve."

The elder let scape a sigh and sat on the sofa, staring at the roof.
'Today surely will be a long day...'

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