(Sword Art Online) Sinon x Tomboy! Neko! Reader Part 2

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*Sinon's P.O.V.*

          3, agonizing, weeks. That's how long it's been since my date with (Y/n) and I haven't seen her since. Why did I have to pull off her stupid hat?! Why does she have cat ears? Where is she? Why won't she just come talk to me!? Sure, we're pretty much strangers, but still.. I just wish she knew she could trust me.

          "Come one, Sinon. We're going to be late," Asuna called. I looked up at her, hovering in the air, only to look back down.

          "You should just go without me. I'm not feeling up to flying right now," I muttered.

          Asuna let out a sigh and sat beside me,"I know that your still hurting from the date thing, but trust me when I say this will make you happier".

          I gave her a confused look,"How is watching two players fighting fun?"

          She let out a small laugh,"It's not about the fighting. It's about who is fighting. I can't tell you who the other person is, but Kirito is going up against them. Don't you want to see him get his butt kick?"

          I thought for a moment before giving her a small smile,"Fine, I'll go, but I can guarantee that I'm not going to enjoy it". She shook her head laughing before she took off, as I followed after her.

          When we arrived, the small island was covered with ever different race in ALO. They were all surrounding two people in the middle. One was Kirito, but I could't see who the other one was, due to the cloak they were wearing. Asuna and I landed beside Leafa and the others, who were right in front.

          "Do you agree to the terms that I've made?," Kirito shouted to his opponent. They gave a small, almost unnoticeable, nod and took out their (weapon). Kirito send a match request, which the person accepted and the clock started counting down, as Kirito readied himself.

          As soon as the match started they charged, but I could't make out what was happening as dust clouded around them. The swords clinked every time they made contact. Based on Kirito's yelling, he was giving this fight his all. But why? Why is it so important that he wins this match?

          Suddenly, the match was over and everything fell silent as we waited for the dust to clear. The dust cleared and Kirito was holding his sword at his opponent, was as on their back.

          "I win. Now do your part,"Kirito lowered his sword as his opponent nodded and logged off. He let out a long sigh before turning to me,"Sinon would you mind meeting me at Agil's shop irl?"

          I tilted my head slightly at him,"Um, yeah. Sure. Now?" Kirito nodded. I looked around one final time and logged out.

*Your P.O.V.*

          I laid my head on my arms as I pulled my hood over my face. What am I doing? Why am I acting like this? Questions stirred through my head as I waited.

          The door chimed as it opened,"Huh?"a soft voice broke the silence. I turned my head, meeting the dark haired and black eyed girl that I've been waiting for. I moved my hood slightly, so she could see my face,"(Y/n)..? Wh-what are you doing here? I'm mean, not that I'm not glad. It's just after the last time we saw each other you seemed pretty angry. And-"

*Sinon's P.O.V.* 

          "Shino!,"(Y/n) interrupted me.

          "Sorry,"I apologized,"I just.. I'm just shocked to see you".

          She let out a sigh,"In all honesty, I didn't think I'd be here".

          "Wait,"I paused to think,"I was supposed to meet Kirito here".

          She shook her head,"No. He said that to make you come. He one the duel and his agreement was that, if he won, I would talk to you about what happened".

          "So, you were the one Kirito was fighting?,"I questioned.

          "Yes. He challenged me for you," a small smile formed on my lips at the thought of Kirito doing that. I, slowly, got closer as she continued,"I'm.. sorry".

          I tilted my head, slightly,"Why?"

          She looked down at her hands,"For how I just left you after our date. It was wrong. Especially, considering that I didn't even try to explain what you saw".

          "You have cat ears," I stated.

          "I have cats ears and a tail," she corrected me.

          "How?," I asked.

          "I don't know. I was just born this way. Whenever someone finds out I get scared that they will judge me or hate me. After all something like this should only happen in fantasies, right?,"she, finally, lifted her head, meeting my eyes.

          I thought for a second,"Well, you're right. Having cat ears and a tail isn't normal, but normal's boring. I could never hate you, (Y/n). In fact.. I think that I'm in love with you. But, I guess, me pulling off your hat threw that option out the window, huh?"

          She looked at me for a moment, staying silent, until finally saying,"Well, I don't know about that," her eyes met mine,"We're both at fault for the way things happened. So, if you think you can forgive me, because I know that I can forgive you, maybe we can make things work". I thought for a moment, in silence. I was never, even, mad at her, but I don't want to make things too easy for her.

          I looked up, seeing how worried she was, which caused me to laugh,"I was never mad at you. So, of course I can forgive you!" A smile grew on her face. In the moment, the way she looked so happy, I couldn't stop myself from leaning in and stealing a short, soft kiss.

          When I pulled away (Y/n) spoke immediately,"You kissed me?"

          I began to panic, because I thought she didn't like it,"I'm so sorry! I wasn't thinking and-!"

          "Shino!," (Y/n) interrupted,"I'm not mad. I was just surprised you had the guts to do it,"I let out a nervous laugh as she continued,"I guess you doing that made this a little less dramatic so, will you be my girlfriend, Shino Asada?"

          Even though I knew she would ask that, it still filled me with joy,"Yes!" She leaned in and planted kiss on my lips.

          "FINALLY!,"startled, we pulled away looking towards the door. The door opened as sighs were heard. There stood Kirito, Asuna, and Leafa. Asuna and Leafa were glaring at Kirito as he scratched the back of his head,"Opps. I wasn't supposed to do that, was I?" Leafa hit Kirito in the head as we all burst out laughing.

          A soft hand touched mine, as (Y/n) spoke,"Why don't we go somewhere more private?" I nodded and she lead me away. 

Sorry this chapter took so long. I hope you like it. I have the next chapter nearly finished, but I'm going to wait to post it until after my birthday. Thank you for understanding. 

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