Chapter 8.

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Once again, five bells sounded and all boys rushed out of the room to collect their blazers and hurry away from the classroom as fast as possible.
Liam's deep blue eyes darted around the corridor that was swarming with boys, he just had to find that brown  haired boy with the glasses amongst them all.

"Hey, Liam, over here!" Liam perked up at the sound of his closest friend (who was conveniently his dorm mate) calling his name.

"Hi, Hayden. You good?" Liam spoke casually, as if he weren't itching to tear himself away from the conversation and find the boy. Immediately, he felt dumb for not asking for his name before rushing out the bathroom and back to his dorm.

Being the mother he is, Hayden fussed over Liam, and sternly warned him to be careful around Jackson whilst folding his clothes and placing them in neat piles on the chest of drawers.

"Yeah, I'm good. You look a little lost, though." Hayden looked at Liam quizzingly.

"I'm just trying to find some kid. I'm not sure of his name, but he's actually quite short, brown hair, big brown eyes, kind of freckly and glasses. Have you seen anyone like that?" said Liam, trying his best to describe the boy he saw before without saying 'absolutely adorable'.

Hayden thought for a minute and pointed to down the hallway.
"Did you mean him?" Liam followed Hayden's thin finger to see the boy from earlier.

"Yes! I mean... Yeah, that's him. Do you know his name?" Liam cooly covered up his little burst of excitement.

"Oh yeah, he's in my science group- I was told about him by the teacher. His name is Oscar, but he's got some posh last name that I can't remember." Hayden shrugged.

Liam nodded.
"That's all I need to know. Thanks, mate." He walked off towards Oscar who was chatting to a couple of friends either side of him.

As Liam was getting closer, he saw Oscar's head lift up and his cheeks immediately turn a soft pink colour when he made eye contact with Liam's piercing blue eyes.

Oscar stayed frozen to the spot as Liam approached him, towering over the spectacled boy with his height.
"Hey, you remember me, right? You helped me the other day in the bathroom?"

Meekly, Oscar nodded silently.
"I... I don't think I introduced m-myself."

Liam smiled.
"It's okay, I asked my friend over there," he pointed to Hayden, "And he said your name is Oscar, right? You're in the same science group."

Oscar blushed and nodded.
"Y- Yep... Oscar Knorsberry."
Liam nodded. Oscar Knorsberry... Nice.

Liam darted his eyes around as if looking out for someone.
"Uh... Hey, can I have your phone a quick second? I just want to put my number in." he scratched the back of his neck and thought 'Was that too forward?'.

Silently, Oscar pulled his cracked phone out of his pocket and placed it in Liam's significantly bigger hand.

Liam's thumbs darted across the keyboard, before handing back the phone.
"My number is saved under 'Liam Stallon.' Text me tonight to see if it works, just to make sure I put it in right."

Nodding, Oscar put his phone back into his pocket. Then he waved a small goodbye, adjusted his bag on his shoulder, and ran off to catch up with his friends who had stopped to wait for him a little further down the corridor.

As he walked back over to Hayden, Liam couldn't help but feel a little bit brighter than usual. He even felt tempted to skip, but that would possibly end in a little bit of a scuffle considering the all boys situation of the school.

Hayden almost dropped his phone at the sudden shadow of the looming, muscular figure of Liam.
"What's made you so happy?"

Liam shrugged, wiping the slight smile off his face.
"Oh nothing at all, just a nice conversation I had with him."

"Uh huh." Hayden turned on his heel and walked off down the opposite corridor, not even saying goodbye. He looked over his shoulder at Liam, and picked up his pace, almost running.

Liam furrowed his brow in confusion and began walking towards the quad to sit outside for twenty minutes and think for a while before his next class.

He pushed open the door and sat down at one of the old picnic tables that was slowly rotting with age. To Liam, it was interesting to watch the world go by, especially the people that would whisper whilst giving him a dirty look as they went past.

Liam didn't hold the best reputation at the school, considering amount of fights he had gotten into. As he was scanning the quad, he recalled his first day, four months ago in the May.

Like all newbies, he was singled out by at least one person, and given strange glances from everyone.

Liam shook the thought of what happened from his head whilst hearing the shrill bell sound.

People poured into the quad to cut out the hassle of the corridors and get to their lessons faster, so Liam stood up, grabbed his bag, and made his way to his lesson- Geography.

As he stood waiting for the teacher to call them in, he saw a small boy scuttle behind two others, trying to keep up with them. It immediately clicked in Liam's head who it was- Oscar.

The two brown eyes behind the thick glasses made eye contact with the dark blue ones focused on him.

Oscar gave a small smile and withdrew his eye contact before entering his classroom, leaving Liam watching a blank spot on the wall that once been covered by the small boy.

"Hey... Hey Liam! The class has gone in!" Hayden smacked Liam's arm a couple times to get his attention. Liam adjusted his bag on his shoulder and took a seat towards the back of the room and waited for the teacher to begin the lesson on whatever geographical nonsense took her fancy that day.


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