Vienna went online and started to take her classes online but with another university. This one was in the next pack's territory; she had contacted them after the Dean heard about her refusing to attend her classes with worries of drugs, now being spread throughout the university and gave her a call. He was adamant stating the university there had a strict no drugs or alcohol rule and all she needed to do was catch up to all the classes and she could start attending.

Stephen had contacted Alpha Sam, who agreed to allow Vienna onto his territory but needed to come visit the pack house as soon as she arrived. Their visit to see them was planned for the coming weekends as she was nearly caught up by then. The councilmen had reaffirmed Vienna that the New Horizon Pack under Alpha Sam was safe as no one there were involved. So Vienna packed her belongings and was escorted by Warrior Tyler who was going to be staying with her as well.

They were going to stay in a house on the pack lands as all the dorms were already occupied. She would have stayed in the pack house but Warrior Tyler shook his head and said, "No, I'll feel better if you have your own protection Vienna." Stephen agreed as soon as Tyler spoke up seeing as he was stressed over her agreeing to go. So they took two vehicles, one which Alpha Stephen drove with his mate and two warriors as protection who would be returning home, and the other Vienna and Tyler were in.

As soon as they arrived, Alpha Sam, his mate Glory and pack Luna as well as Beta Carter were standing outside waiting as they had been warned they were there. Stephen, Lora, Warriors Gator and Rex got out first, followed by Vienna and Tyler who stood in front of her. Stephen chuckled at Tyler who just frowned back and said, "What, Vienna's really nervous."

Stephen walked straight up to Alpha Sam, man hugged and chuckled as Vienna peeked around Tyler to only be pulled out in front, "And this little gem that is hiding herself is my cousin, Vienna."

Vienna shook hands and introduced, "This is my guard Tyler, and pack warriors Gator and Rex."

"This is my mate Luna Glory and my Beta Carter." Vienna froze as she took in the Beta's scent and Tyler pulled her back behind him before Carter even frowned. They went inside and were seated at the dining room table as Beta Carter's pregnant mate waddled into the room. Vienna refused to look up as she even moved seats, away from the Beta and his pregnant mate.

"What's wrong?" Tyler asked as Stephen was involved in talking to Sam, the Luna's talking together, while Beta Carter was settling his mate on his lap.

Vienna looked up and he could see her eyes welled up with tears as she linked him and said, "My wolf, his scent told us that Beta Carter is our mate."

His eyes widen in shock and said, "But who is she then?"

Vienna shrugged and said, "Claimed mate because their scents are fully blended."

"Son of a bitch," he says out loud and Vienna grinned and smacked his arm. He took her hand and grinned back before opening his mouth and said, "Tell them Vienna."

They all turned to her and Stephen asked, "What's wrong?"

Vienna sighed and stood, moved over to him and said, "I heard from my wolf, who reported my mate is here."

He frowned and said, "How?"

She said, "She smelled his scent but there is a problem Stephen."

Stephen growled and asked, "What Vienna?"

She sighed and said, "Seems he couldn't wait to find his mate and claimed someone else."

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