Second Bishop

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Our entire team was in the old school building, in front of the sealed door. The door was covered with a yellow tape with the word "KEEP OUT", and a huge iron padlock.

F/N: So he is hiding here...

Rias: At night, the seal is removed, so he can move around the building. However, he never goes out of the room.

F/N: Hikikomori?

Akeno: Yes, but he earns the most of us all.

F/N: He has a talent for business...

Kiba: Thanks to the computer, he can contain special contracts.

Xenovia: You said he was closed because he was too powerful. What power does he have?

Rias went to the door and destroyed the seal protecting the door.

Rias: We're entering.

When Rias slightly opened the door, we heard a girlish squeak.

Issei: What was that?!

Rias: Good evening, I'm glad you're doing fine.

Second bishop: What is going on here?

Akeno approached the coffin (what's the coffin doing here?) and opened it.

Akeno: Your seal has been removed.Now we should-

Second bishop: NO! I will stay here! I don't want to go outside!

Then I saw that a person in a female uniform of our school was lying in a coffin. This person looked like a girl, but Rias said it's a boy...

Issei: Cool! Another girl-

I caught Issei's arm and said:

F/N: Be careful, something is wrong here. Rias said it's boy.

Issei: ...HEH?!

Rias: Yes, he is boy. 

Issei: WHAAAT?!

 Akeno:He likes to wear women's clothes.

Issei: NO, IT CAN'T BE-!

I hit Issei in the head.

F/N: Shut up! He will be scared.

Rias came to the bishop and hugged him.

Rias:His name is Gasper Vladi. He is a member of my family and a second bishop. Before he became a devil, he was a half-vampire.

Issei & Asia: Vampire?!

F/N: Bloodsucker.

When someone turned on the light, we saw that his room was all pink and full of teddy bears.


Then I touched Issei and imprisoned him in the ice stalagmite.

F/N: I said: calm down!

Akeno: I see that you accustomed to the new power fufu...

F/N: Of course, everyone should be able to control their powers... so...

I looked at Gasper and he shuddered. I went and crouched in front of Gasper.

F/N: OK young, we came here to help you, so please, come with-

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