[Extra] Edna's Diary

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Edna's POV:

Where did the time go?

Not too long ago young master Alex would wet the bed, and when that happens he would come to me, the oldest servant for the Hellsing family, I can still remember the way he would try to hide it by washing his clothes and bed sheets by himself in the middle of the night.

Of course, no one would serve him other than me. After showing him how this old maid would wash it, I would set it in the washing machine for a good 30 minutes, so in the meantime, I would bring a nice mug of hot cocoa, extra fluffy, just the way he likes it.

The only reason he likes the extra fluff was that it'll give him an excuse for a white broth moustache, he would always beam the silliest grin you would see, it's during those times he would remind me of a cheeky monkey because he always wants me to use my floral handkerchief to wipe it off. I know the young master is smarter and more mature compared to his younger siblings, not because he's the oldest, but because he had no choice.

He will never cry in front of others, and never by himself, he would hold it in like a brave soldier-- no a pitiful doll.

That's why during those embarrassing nights,  with the bed soaked wet, hot cocoa and the silliest smile a woman can see, I want to treasure those happy memories deep down in my heart. 

Even if it meant writing it down in this old rusty thing. 

Even if I grew numerous grey hair, even if my mind will grow senile, I will try this boy like he was my own son. No offence Roger.

I'm looking forward to seeing how he will grow and prosper, even if the world to go against him, I will still be by his side, after all, as the young ones would say, old people, are stubborn.


This morning, young master Alex was acting quite peculiar, as I was cleaning the hallway the young master approached me in broad daylight. It's rather unusual since he's never done something like this before.

He asked where the dining room was, I was extremely surprised by the oddest question to be slipt from his lips. However, I did not mind and I will not question if the young master wishes to dine with his family.

Young Master Alex is growing up so quickly, a bit too quickly, I wouldn't mind if he stayed as a young boy for a little bit longer.

If he was I wouldn't hesitate to adopt him into my small family of 3, hohohohoho, what is this old maid saying? have I already gone senile? but...

Even if I don't adopt the young master I still want to treat the young master as my family. Sorry Ben looks like we have another son~


The young master has been rather quick-witted as of lately, after young master Ken and young mistress Sera's birthday it was announced that young master Alex had incredible magical capabilities that no one would've guessed.

I always knew young master Alex was special but who would've thought he was this astonishing!

Tomorrow as a small present from me, I will make all of his childhood favourites just the way he likes it. I'm looking forward to what other surprises he has in store.


As of lately, I have noticed that the friends that surround Alex seem a bit too 'friendly' like it was more than a little skinship between two friends.

Could it be that the young master is queer??

Well if that's the case, I'll continue to support him from the dark, I know there will be others who will be eager to tarnish young master Alex's good name with this sort of information, it was a bit of a surprise when I figured this all out.

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