Chapter Twenty Two

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I was so happy when Annabelle said she had forgiven Xavier for what he had done to her when they first met. It has happened before in wolf history where the Luna hasn't trusted the Beta and has either caused the pack to become unstable or the Beta having to step down. Both options were never very good  and more often than not it spelt the end of the pack.

We made our way into the living room, after I had grabbed Annabelles sandwich, and got comfortable on the sofas.

I smiled down at Annabelle as she sat beside me with her legs tucked underneath her. She was nibbling on the food I had just given her and I knew she wasn't hungry and didn't really want it but she was humouring me and I loved her for it.

"So you said you found something Xavier and I'm guessing it has something to do with that huge book you have in your hands" I said as I leant forward with my arms resting on my knees.

"Well remember when I said Annabelle's eyes were different in her shift than all of ours and that I had read about it somewhere but couldn't remember where?"

I nodded my head as I looked over my shoulder at my mate who had stopped eating and was staring at us in confusion. Of course she was, she had no idea what we were on about. "Annabelle when we change into our wolves our eye shift to a golden colour, no matter what rank in the pack you are or what your eye colour is when you're a human".

she nodded her head in understanding before placing the half uneaten sandwich down on her plate and brushed the crumbs off her fingers. "So what does that mean?"

Before he could answer her I turned around and gave her a meaningful look. "Xavier will tell us what he found when you pick that sandwich back up. I don't want to get it in the neck from Dr Tessler because your not eating enough."

She smiled sheepishly before looking back at the food and took another bite of it.

When I was satisfied that she was going to carry on eating I looked over at Xavier and gestured for him to continue.

"Well this is the book that I originally read it from, I had to go through a mountain of books but I finally found it". Xavier dropped the book onto the coffee table and started flicking through the pages so fast he would tear them if he wasn't careful.

"Here, page 367...

The wolf's eyes are remarkable. Whether they are an Alpha or Omega they always remain the same colour. It is believed that the Moon Goddess designed it that way to remind us that we are all special to her and are all of equal value to each other. In her eyes we are all gold.

There is however one exception to this rule. It is believed that in every generation there is a messiah or messenger of sorts who is directly connected to the Moon Goddess herself. This messenger will always be female and will be identifiable by the colour of her wolf eyes. Unlike any other wolf she will have moonstone eyes symbolising the connection she has with our creator."

Well what else does it say?" I asked as I looked at the book and then at Xavier again.

Xavier shook his head and shrugged his shoulders "thats it, it just goes on about the standard transformation of a wolf after that but nothing else. I may have to do some serious digging to find out what a messenger actually is but I'm hoping we'll have something in the packs library".

I nodded and took a sneak peek over my shoulder to make sure she was still eating and sighed when I saw that she had almost finished her sandwich. "Well whatever you need you have alright? I want to get to the bottom of this".

"What if he knew?" Annabelle whispered from behind me and I looked over to see a far off look in her eyes as she focused on the cushions underneath her.

"What do you mean my little mate?" I asked as I leant back into the sofa cushions to get closer to her and comfort her.

"What if Alpha Parker knew about this wolf messenger thing and that's why he did what he did. That's why he took me away from my parents and forced me not to shift and made me stay hidden at the Leftons house" she whispered as fear started to creep into her voice.

I held my arm out to her and she willing crawled into my lap with her head resting on my chest. My poor little mate had been through so much in her short life and it didn't look like it would be letting up any time soon.

"She has a point there Jax. I mean it would explain his weird behaviour at the packs boarder yesterday and his desperation to get her back. No sane Alpha would start a war between two packs over a single runaway, especially if that runaway had found her mate." Xavier said as he scratched his head, trying to work everything out. That's why he was my beta, my pack deserve the best and he was the best.

"But how would he know? I had never shifted before, especially when I was that young. He couldn't have known my wolf eyes of I hadn't even shifted and met her yet myself."

"Good point" Xavier mussed and sat back in his seat, frustrated in not having all the answers for his Luna.

"What if it's genetic?" I wondered, not realising I had actually said it allowed until I felt Annabelle shift in my arms slightly so that she could see my face better.

"You mean my mum could have been one of these messenger things?"

I shrugged as I thought it over. "I mean it makes the most sense right? If your parents were part of Parker's pack he would have been able to have complete access to you and your parents. He would have seen the powers she possessed and thought that maybe he could take those powers for himself in some sick way".

"But I would have had to shift to be able to access these so called powers so why would he shield them from me?"

"I don't know" I groaned as I ran my hand down my face in frustration "maybe he's just an idiot that hadn't thought his plan through?"

Xavier snorted at the thought before shaking his head and put his hands on his knees to push himself into a standing position. "I feel like these are questions for another night once we have a few more answers".

I nodded my head in agreement as I looked down at my Annabelle who had made herself comfy in my arms. "See yourself out will ya? I'm guessing she's still pretty exhausted from the shift yesterday".

Xavier smiles before nodding his head and went to leave out the living room door with his book in hand. "sure man no worries, I'll give you a message when I know more".

"Thanks Xavier" I smiled appreciatively at him before relaxing back into the sofas as he left.

"What if he killed them?" I heard a little voice whisper after five minutes of us being alone. "What if he killed my parents and is planning to kill me next?"

My arms tightened around her at the mere thought of her being harmed. "I will never let that happen to you Annabelle. You are my mate and it is my job to make you the happiest and safest person you could possibly be."

My wolf growled in my head at the mention of her death and I reassured him that we would never let it happen.

"You have a pack now Annabelle, a pack that will save you till their last breath" I whispered as I looked down to see her eye lids had closed and her breathing had slowed down. She was asleep.

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