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The night wind angrily brushes my skin and the snowflakes that it brought along, sticks to my midnight black hair like bright stars twinkling in the darkest night. My arms are wrapped around me in a desperate attempt to keep my body warm in this cold night. The constant throbbing of pain continues on the left side of my body. I had to drag my body through the snow due to the injuries that I sustained.

The fact that I am drenched wet isn't helping me at all and the probability of me suffering from pneumonia is constantly rising every passing minute. Along with angry hushes of the wind and the crushing sound of the snow beneath my feet, the chattering of my teeth echoes in the night.

Goosebumps the size of small thrones adorn my skin which is turning paler every second. My heart threatens to stop beating in my chest and my lungs deny to fill themselves with as much air that I need. I've never felt something like this.

Tiredness is taking over me as I drag my injured body towards the place I call home. Dreed and uneasiness fill me up at the sight of the familiar building where I've spent the whole span of my existence. Since I am severely injured and could hardly walk; I cannot climb into my room through the water pipe. I've to go in through the front door.

With a deep breath and collecting every ounce of courage inside me, I open the front door gently as quite as I could manage. After getting inside and securely closing the door behind me, I dag my body painfully without making noise inside the house.

Just a mere creek of the floor and they would know. After successfully crossing the living room and reaching the stairs, I decided to sit down and take some rest before climbing the stairs that seemed more like Mt. Everest in this situation.

My body is constantly shivering as I get up and start to climb the stairs. Half of my body parts seemed to have frozen while my mind is slowly slipping into unconsciousness. Miraculously, I reach my room without making a noise and get inside.

With the remaining power I've left inside me, I peel off the wet clothes from my body before collapsing on my bed and pulling the covers over me and welcoming the nightmares like a dearest friend.

In the morning when I wake up, I seem to have traveled to an entirely different universe. My body is so sore that I feel exhausted after taking a deep breath. I get up and dress up before groggily heading downstairs for breakfast. The injuries from last night seemed to have healed but still, the stiffness remains.

I know I look worse because physically I feel worse. My hands are paper white and my eyes, bleeding red. With a big yawn, I step in the dining hall to find my family already seated there. Everyone's attention is snatched by me when a screeching sound resonates the room due to me pulling out the chair to sit.

I utter a good morning before pouring myself some coffee and sipping so loudly from my cup that I could swear the whole pack heard me. Mom instantly throws me a glare which is ignored by me. My eyelids feel heavy and my limbs feel stiff and weak.

As the cook serves us breakfast, mom and dad start talking about pack while my sisters talk about the birthday party. I try hard to tune out of their conversation but every word said by them is forcibly stuffed in my ear by some unknown force. Grace is buzzing with excitement while my insides resemble a barren land with deep and unrepairable cracks running all over it.

"And yes, the tekkas told me something very important this morning..." Dad continues as he eats.

"They found footprints around Cave of Zesux last night." He says and nearly everyone on the table stops what they're doing. My heart skips a beat in my chest while I suck in a breath.

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