part 2

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"Mr.Can, i have something really important to tell you. Its extremely important and if I don't say it, i'll regret it for the rest of my life."

***** this is a long chapter, but it's worth it*****

My heart felt like it was about to fall out my chest. Confessing to the man i love that i am in love with him more than physically possible was the most nerve-wracking thing i've ever done. I just had to do it. As Can told me enter the house, my hands didn't want to stop shaking . I tried so hard to keep my nervous breathing at a normal pace so Can doesn't suspect anything. We sat down and Can asked me to speak.

"Sanem, it must be something really important for you to come all the way here. What will Osman think about you leaving him?"
Again, he asked about Osman. I thought to myself was it because he was genuinely concerned about Osman's feelings or was he saying it to provoke me.

"Mr.Can its not about Osman. I need to tell you something. Actually i am so nervous, i've never had to do something like this before."
I could see the confusion on Can's face, then his left eyebrow went up and he was more interested in what I had to say.

"Mr.Can. First, I saw the billboard pictures on the way here and they are beautiful. Your photography skills are something else."
Can looked down shyly with a proud smile.
"Are you listening, Mr.Can?"
"Well. I don't know how to say it. When i found out you left the motivational camp, I had to speak to you so I came. Actually when i asked you for me to stay or leave, it was not related to work."
"Sanem, please can you be more specific? Why have you come to speak to me all the way from the camp?"

Can was getting intrigued and wanted an answer. I knew what i wanted to tell him but i couldn't find the words to say it. I felt like i was saying nonsense. I was playing with my fingers and touching my hair - its what I did when i was nervous

"Umm. Mr.Can. I've never felt this before. I mean my hands and legs won't stop shaking. I don't know where to even start...Its like a feeling in my heart when...."

In that second, Can's phone started ringing and I stopped. Automatically, he switched it off and gestured me to carry on.

The phone went off again and I could see the annoyance in Can's face. He again switched it off and I began.

"When you..."
This time the home telephone rang and i could see Can was getting worked up. His mobile phone again went off and I told him to answer it because it seemed important. He aplogized and answered the phone.

"What!! Why do u keep ringing? Tamam, one second."

Can switched on the TV and what we saw shocked us both.
All over the news Can was being slandered. Slandered for stealing the photos he took of me for the campaign. This was a huge deal. It could ruin his career.

Can stared at the TV for about 5 seconds with his eyes wide open. I could tell he was shocked and didn't have anything to say. Phones kept ringing and Can stormed out to the garden. I followed him.


No answer, he was just quietly walking across the garden angrily.

"Mr.Can, i don't understand what is happening."
"Sanem. Someone is trying to destroy my career. Like a personal vendetta against me."
"Mr.Can, you need to tell everyone you are innocent. That this is not true and someone is trying to frame you."
"Sanem, I can't. If i go and give a statement, I have no proof or evidence. This is what they want. Its better for me to stay silent.
"Ama Mr Can. Maybe there has been a mistake, maybe you did not know and made a same campaign"
"Sanem. Do you really think I could do something like that?" - Can said angrily
"No you misunderstood. I meant that maybe you both had the same idea and did not know. I can check online. Mr Can, maybe you should sue them because it was your idea..."
"Sanem, One second. Please let me think for a second."

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