Chapter 23-The Sun And The Moon

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-The Night After Chapter 23-

Sunpaw's mind was full of guilt as she covered herself in Marshclan scent in order to cross their land undetected to get to the Tree Memorial. The nighttime air was still. and silent. I do not like doing this at all. But Starktail has made me spy on my own clan for her. Otherwise, my parents die. This is wrong, but I have no other choice. If anything, at least I get to know of her plans.

Starktail was already there, sitting confidently. "Hello there Sunpaw. I enjoy these meetings you know! Oh how tormented you must feel!" she gleefully cheered. "Now, tell me what has happened recently. Sagepaw has but risen the takes recently with what she said at yesterday's Moon Meeting. Fun, fun, fun I say!"

Sunpaw irritatingly sat down before the much larger Starktail. There  was no way Sunpaw could even harm her in time. Besides, killing was wrong no matter unless someone was about to ill you themselves. "I think that Sagepaw is plotting to do something against you." Sunpaw reported. "I think that she suspects that I am working with you in some manner."

"Well she isn't exactly wrong there." mused Starktail. "And how about your leader?"

"Birchstar seems to be very afraid of you." Sunpaw answered. 'It seems to me that she will comply to whatever you say, and that she will never attack you."

Starktail's eyes lit up. "That's wonderful! Now, I know you want to fix your clan as much as I want to! Just kill a few cats and instate a new leader of my choosing isn't my only option."

"There's absolutely no way to go by without killing cats!" Sagepaw retorted

Starktail let out a short purr, clearly amused by Sunpaw. "Well that is certainly debatable to some."

"Well it shouldn't be! Cats deserve to live, no matter what they have done! They are not just toys to be used!" Sunpaw argued.

"Just shut up already!" growled Starktail. Sunpaw complied.

"Good." Starktail said in satisfaction."Since I can't have you mentally break down, as spies are very useful, here's some helpful trivia. There are more Valleylcan cats out there, an old branch off from the time when your unfair fairness system was started."

Sunpaw's heart felt great joy. This is wonderful! Without enough cats forcing there way into Valleyclan, we will have to change our ways! Plus, they have a right to join,  as they are just a bunch of rogues! My sleepless nights shall we gone now!

"However," warned the Lakeclan mender, "Don't you dare interfere with what I plan to do with them! I already have gotten Ravenheart led to them. He thinks that he can just train them enough, march down here, unite the clans against me, and then kill me. But he will be down there for a while. I will have sooo much time to break him and Sagepaw in the meantime."

"You shall fail against his revolution." Sagepaw simply said.

"Oh, but how can I, when our ancestors support me?" argued Darktail.

"So, you have spoken to Brightwing? She is a cat from The-Realm-Of-Banishment you know." Sunpaw informed Sparktail.

"Yes," admitted Sparktail,"But seeing as our ancestors gave you a prophecy saying to accept my so-called twisted ways, no therefore I shall win!"

"But it was her who gave my it!" Sunpaw revealed. "It is false! She is using you, me, Sagepaw, and Ravenheart in her plan to kill off Valleyclan like she promised so many moons ago before Stonestar killed her! This is her big game, and we are the pieces! Our ancestors are powerless, for they cannot interfere with destiny. You still have a chance to stop all of this. Don't fall to her mind manipulation of us all! I struggle every day, thinking of how to stop her."

Sparktail merely looked amused. "How the youth irrationally think under great pressure!" she commented. "I know that she won't betray me, for so-called twisted cats would never betray each other. Go home and think on it, Sunpaw. I am her friend: you three are the pawns in her game. Evil does not exist. Good does not either. Good is just something that all weak cats in the world want each other to abide by. They are selfish and afraid of change. They are afraid to rise up and get what deserve: those who are strong and willing to have and take power for themselves are those who are strong. The weak only win most of the time because they so selfish that they band together to save their ways. Then they go right back to their old ways. The only way the world will change if us strong ones win. Now go home!"

"You are wrong!" Sunpaw growled. "That is not how the world is. And I will prove that too you without interfering with your plans or killing a single cat!"

"Then go ahead and interfere with my plans!" Sparktail beamed. "You are now no longer my spy and are free to challenge me, for I like a good challenge! But tell anyone of this and you are dead!"

"I am the sun." said Sunpaw. "And you and Brightwing are the Moon. I can cause the dark moon to be showered with light again. I shall defeat you."

"You can try, but you do not think hard enough." smartly said Darktail. "The Sun will always give off light, so darkness caused by it's shadows will always be there. You can brighten the Moon again, but it always become dark again. Those such as me will always come back. The light shall be gone someday and the world will vanquish into darkness,and the strong shall win."

"But we will fight for as long as we can. The Sun is nowhere near going out, so I shall win!" vowed Sunpaw.

Then Sparktail leaned forward. "Yes, but the Moon shall not be gone for a long time either. Good bye now!" The Lakeclan Mender then ran off into the night, back to her clan, leaving Sunpaw to ponder on what she had heard.

Be that as it may, Sparktail, but I shall win over you without having to use my own paws to kill anyone. This time the light shall win this time. It is worth it to live another day for the love and what we experience everyday.  Brightwing's plans shall be stopped. I am young for a hero, but fate has made it be this way.

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