(the boys) boys are so FILTHY and WEIRD and GROSS

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"Wait, the Thornes?" the boy with the eyes says.

"Yeah, like..." she gestures around vaguely.

"Told you I could find it!" the boy with the hair says, suddenly lighting up.

"And there are places to eat here, right?" the boy with the butt says. "What are they called. Protein lines. Where you can eat without being famous?"

H8bunni nods.

"Would you mind very much showing us?" the boy with the butt says.

H8bunni nods A LOT and offers her arm to the boy with the butt and off they go.

As H8bunni leads the boys through the Thornes they pass building after building lined with interactive ads. There's not a lot of stores here, most of the buildings are dorms, but that's a very charitable description in the Thornes. They are places to live when you don't have a place to live. Some of them look burned, abandoned, not at all safety compliant. In places its hard to tell where the trash piles end and where the dorms begin. But every surface is covered in aspirational advertisements, brands you don't get to interact with until you're over 10k followers and well out of the Thornes anyway.

H8bunni watches the ads as they pass by to see how the boys get targeted, hoping for some sort of clue about who they are and what they want in the Thornes. But the ads only react to her, they don't even seem to notice the boys at all. Which is such a weird turn on but here we are.

"Well, even if you are secretly from the Academy and sent here to kill me, I'm thrilled to run into some younger people here. Everyone is so old for the most part. It's so boring. I'm not old. I don't look old, do I? I definitely don't feel old. Because I'm not. I really admire your butt by the way, did I mention that?"

The boy with the butt nods.

"I bet you get a lot of compliments on it."

"Not really," he says.

"Well you will from me. Even though your clothes are so gross. I just want to rip them right off you. I want to dress you up. What show did you say you were from again?"

"There's not as many of those bug things here," the boy with the eyes says, to change the subject.

"Bug things? Zonnys? Yeah I mean it's not really a compliment. There's not as much to film in the Thornes because the people are so lame."

"But you're not lame," the boy with the butt says, "So why are you here?"

"Wow thank you you're so sweet, I really love you so much," H8bunni says. "I feel like we're really connecting, despite you possibly not existing. This is just, you know, where I am until I have enough followers to leave. Some of us are really trying to get out, you know? I'm really down for achieving and giving back to the city. But some people, you know, just aren't good at it, or don't feel like trying. They can't really engage with brands to save their life. So they're stuck here. I mean there's other reasons why really attractive and engaging people might end up here but that's the main situation."

The boy with the butt nods likes he's hanging on H8bunni's every word and the boys with the hair and the eyes just look at each other and shake their heads.

"I just don't get on a personal level why some people try to stay here," H8bunni continues. "Maybe at first you think it'll be quieter here, low-key housing, line up for protein, live another day under the gray and brooding sky, etc. But the Daddys don't make it that easy. They don't want you to be too comfortable. The idea is not to stay. The people who want to stay here, they're not..." makes a vague gesture. "You know?"

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