(the boys) boys are so FILTHY and WEIRD and GROSS

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When H8bunni spots the boys she's sitting in between 2 trash piles, hacking away at the hem of her bright blue Pwnersh1p dress with a jagged piece of plastic. This is her only dress now, since trading her other one for the pink and yellow dreads that dangle over her face as she tries to cut a stain out. Her idea is: she can cut the stain out of the dress and make it a statement, but a dress with a stain on it is a bad look no matter how you angle it. And she is determined to look her best at all times no matter what and you cannot do this wearing the bags they give you for free for having 0 followers. She'll get more clothes soon, she's almost to 4k followers, she just needs to keep this dress fashion long enough to get there.

She sees the boys walking towards her, watches them for a moment, then resumes her work, faster now, so she can look her cutest before they see her. She hacks away at the dress and ends up tearing away slightly more than she meant to but at last the stain is gone. She stands, checking herself out. Her hem travels a much steeper angle now, and from a shorter distance. It barely covers her crotch but that's better anyway. Honestly it's not terrible. It's definitely better than not terrible, which is perfect.

She drops her makeshift knife and skips over to the boys. As they get closer she realizes: OK wow these are some cute boys. Hot. But like slightly beat up and sad. Maybe it's their clothes, which are almost as bad as the bags. She's never seen anything like what they're wearing and has these weirdly conflicting emotions of being afraid to touch them while wanting to tear their clothes off.

"Hey cute boys!" H8bunni says and the boys all turn, noticing her for the first time. They look stunned, dazed, hard to tell if it's from her beauty. Could be. "I need more likes on my last song, are you trying? F4F? Maybe we could do a challenge if you're not busy? Or just hang out and create some very low-key content?"

The boys look at each other, saying nothing, almost like the idea of processing her question fills them with exhaustion.

"UGH PLEASE tell me you're trying, you're too cute not to. I mean it's fine if you don't want to do a challenge but if you could at least follow me? If you're working on something I could like it or do a video about it or whatever you want, you know? Work with me here you hot little f*ckdolls."

"Umm sorry," one of them says, the boy with the hair, forcing a polite smile. "We're really hungry and looking for something. Maybe later."

The boys start to wander off without noticing H8bunni's pure shock face. "LATER? Wtf does THAT mean you think you're cooler than me? Too busy to follow me?" She raises her screen and points it at the boys. "If you're so f*cking cool how come you only have..." She waits for her screen to tell her how few followers these beautiful jerks have. When it fails to register any information about them whatsoever, she blanches, blinks, then screams, long and loud. The boys rush back to her, hands over her mouth, all making Shhh-ing noises. A few zonnys turn lazily toward them.

She wrestles herself free from them and steps back and points her screen at them again. Again nothing. No UBIs, no followers, no TL, no tagged photos, no brand interactions, nothing.

She can't breathe. The ground is spinning. "What. Whoa. What are you. Are you." She keeps looking from her screen to the boys and back. "Are you...real?"

"Yes," the boy with the hair says, after a moment.

"Are you here? Are we both literally here right now?"

"Yyyyes?" the boy with the hair says.

"But you're not there. I see you but you're not there. What's happening. This isn't real. I'm real, right? Do I look OK? I'm hot, right? Do you like my dress? Do you like my hair?"

"I love it actually," the boy with the butt says. "Very attractive."

"Thank you," H8bunni says. This seems to focus her back to reality. "I love your butt, it's like...." She drifts off, staring at his butt, lost in thought for a moment until she inhales deeply in a fit of suddenly revelation. "Are you from the Academy? You're not here to kill me are you? No offense but can you kill someone else? There's so many choices I'm sure if you just wander around the Thornes a bit you'll find-"

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