(Q&Q) I'm not trying to be a jerk

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Raminashi is live, hyping his fans up for his next single. It's weird to think that a few weeks ago he barely existed and now you literally cannot exist without him being everywhere. That Bitch Murdered My Bitch, QYNKILLER, and F*ck My Heart have all been huge hits. They've been infinitely remixed, lip-synched by people of all ages and demographics, they've inspired new dances and dance challenges, and shouldered every other artist off the charts.

He stalks in front of the camera, occasionally leaning in close to see what people are saying to him, the RAMILAMS tattoo under his eye filling the screen. He's so confident. Everything happening to him, the entirety of his success, has been a foregone conclusion. His music is so powerful and persuasive and original that there was no other timeline that could possible have exist.

"I'm so excited for y'all to hear this new single," he says into his screen as he absentmindedly lays out different clothes and accessories across his bed. It's all the newest, latest, most elite. The sh*t most people haven't even heard of. "Definitely, I feel like, I've progressed as an artist to the point where the hits I'm making now are better than anything else I've ever done. I'm definitely the best music,,,, ever, period. No one else can even touch me. No one else can even accomplish...what I've accomplished? It's like...listen. It's like..."

Raminashi stares off into space for a moment, as though the act of contemplating the scale of his talent has caused his brain to go slack.

"What happened to me, with the horror of that bitch killing my girlfriend, killing my one true love. That shit's eternal, you know? But I can't focus on the negativity, I can't. Because my fans have brought so much positivity into my life through my music that I create. That connection. Nobody else can do what I've done. Nobody can stop me. To take that negativity, being from the fact that she's still out there walking alive on the streets, even after nearly destroying my life, nearly destroying me, destroying everything that I loved, destroying all that was good,,,, I can't focus on that because I just have to keep making hits. It's all I can do. It's all I can do. And you know. I look going doing it. Don't I?" He smiles, holds the smile for the screen, reading the comment responses. "I do. Thank you, yes. I know I do. Ramilams really know what it is. Ashides.

"So here we go, hold up." He moves in close to the screen, swiping and looking for something, and then a picture of Qynka appears in the corner of the screen. It's from when she was on Recovery, looking her worst. Crying, no makeup, hair a mess, just completely trashed. The word DEAD in big block silver sparkly letters across her face. There are two sets of numbers beneath her face - one is rapidly decreasing while the other is rapidly increasing.

"Ha ha," Raminashi says, nodding his head, stepping back from the screen, very pleased. "I got so much love for my fans who've stuck with me through so much pain and trauma. Most people couldn't come back from this, most people, like, no one could even make it through what I been through, but I'm strong because I get that love, that energy from my fans. Ramilams really know. So this next single, probably, definitely the best single I ever done, probably the best single anyone's ever done, will be my gift to my fans. Once we get those really tight engagement metrics, OK. Ramilams we out. Ashides Ashides for real."


"ARE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO ME MY TONGUE IS ABOUT TO FALL OUT OF MY FACE," a very crabby voice says from under the covers between Qannen's legs.

"Ummm," Qannen says, staring at Raminashi's face on her screen. "Yeah, sorta." No. Actually completely forget you were even down there, she thinks.

The covers sweep back and Kessl8 emerges, her moonsilk hair plastered over her shiny forehead. She crawls up the bed and flops down on the pillows beside Qannen. "What are you watching." She sees Raminashi's face on Qannen's screen. "Oh I like him!"

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