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My last class of the day ended and I gathered my stuff, checking my phone right away and discovering that there was a text from Indigo.

From Indigo: let's go to apartment and waste the afternoon? my roommates are crazy

I rolled my eyes at the text, but I was quite glad that she'd asked, considering that otherwise I would've spent the rest of the day in the company of my sociology books.

To Indigo: Sure

I typed and sent the text quickly, not needing to lock it as I waited, since the answer came in record time.

From Indigo: my last class ended earlier, i'm on my way

I read it but didn't reply, and put the phone back into my pocket, deciding to look up as I walked. I couldn't help but be glad when I noticed that nobody was paying attention to me anymore. A couple of months ago everything had been hectic for us, and between the interviews with the police and the stares everyone sent us in the hallway, everything had started to become a bit too much. But then time had passed and Christmas had come around, and after the holidays things had died down considerably, considering that everyone was more taken by the gifts they'd received rather than us.

We were very glad that we'd regained our privacy, as someone's death isn't the reason why anyone would ever want to be popular, in any setting.

I glanced at the people that were waiting around, everyone seemed to be concerned with their own things, and that was how I liked it. I walked past what looked like a couple on the side of the hallway, they were quietly talking to each other, their conversation unheard by everyone but them. They were looking happy, as if nothing mattered but each other, and I found it quite cute. I detached my gaze from them, focusing my attention ahead again.

I finally exited the building and made my way down the sidewalk, wanting to get back home as soon as possible, considering that it was a bit too cold for my liking—and that I didn't want to make Indigo worry, too. I carefully made my way between people, trying my best not to crash against anyone, stopping in my tracks as a group of people walked by, knowing that it would've been easier to just let them pass than trying to get past them.

"Are you lost, rain?" A low voice said behind me, and I turned around quickly, discovering that there was Harry leaning against the wall of the almost empty front yard of the university, cigarette in his hand.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him, slightly intrigued but also sceptical, observing him as he brought the cigarette to his lips in what seemed a over-rehearsed way, slowly taking a drag as his green eyes observed me silently.

"I could ask you the same," he said, slowly letting the smoke out of his lungs, tutting quietly, his eyes not leaving me.

I took a step back, starting to feel unsettled by the intensity of the situation. Why was it that whenever I was around him, everything became so strong, powerful? Why did he try so hard to assert his dominance over every single person he met? "I study here," I said quietly, already regretting giving that information to someone I barely knew. I didn't necessarily think that he wasn't to be trusted or that he could've brought me any harm, but ever since Theo had died I'd decided it was better to be more careful when approaching anyone I didn't already know. "And you?"

"So do I," he replied, his tone mellifluous as he seemed to evaluate me, not moving away from the white wall.

I furrowed my eyebrows at his words. Why was it that I'd never seen him before, if he studied in my same building? I knew that we were in different years, but it still seemed highly unlikely for two people to go to the same place every day and never even see each other. "What do you study?" I asked him, more to test if he was telling me the truth than actual curiosity.

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