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( Author of "Self - A Delusion?")

"The moon is another world inhabited with humans".

Can you believe it? ................ Yes, Yes, this is true! 

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In the moon, the "people" do not live above or on the ground as we do on earth but down below under the surface. They live in an enormous inner space naturally formed as a labyrinth of gigantic caves below the surface crust. The surface crust forms the roof of the caves and varies in thickness from a lower limit around three feet up to a maximum reaching a hundred feet. In spite of the many manned missions to the moon, nobody was able to discover the fact that the moon was the closest world to earth with a wide variety of life forms, including people in very many ways similar to us. These people have been living sub-terra or underground in the moon for millions of years. They also arrived at their present form after going through an evolutionary process similar to what took place on earth. They encountered as well, causes to form 'disproportionate' sized brains like us with resulting ability to develop tools and establish skills in scientific inquiry, discovery and formulation of the laws of nature. Marconi's investigations resulted in the discovery and use of radio waves on earth in 1895. The people in the moon have only just begun to experiment with and arrived at the first stage of creating and transmitting radio waves of a significant intensity. The situation of moon scientists in the context of discovering radio waves, right at present, is very similar to the situation that the scientists on earth were in when they discovered radio waves. They did not know what it was or have any idea of what to do with it. According to historical records there have been many interesting incidents associated with new discoveries on the earth. In most cases the people who made such discoveries were overwhelmed and confused by their findings. The moon scientists might have been in similar situations, as many times. As a comparison of the technical capabilities of the moon people with ours, it would not be wrong to say that they are only about a few hundred years behind us. This comparison is valid only in the area of knowledge of science and not in other areas such as their traits etc. Their social structure and behavioral traits are unimaginably different from those of the people on earth.

The news of people living in the moon will cause a barrage of questions to arise in everyone's mind. The following segments of this narration are an attempt to answer some of the common questions readers would have.

The moon's internal geological structure is very strange and unique. It has vast areas of hollow underground caves. This is because the moon passed through boiling and molten states before it cooled down to its stable present day temperature. Some caves are miles and miles in length and breath. The heights from floor to roof inside these caves range from several feet to hundreds of feet. These caves exist at varying depths below the moon's surface. However, variations in thickness of the top roof cover of the caves are very large from cave to cave in a somewhat random fashion. Some caves are only a few feet below the moon's surface and some are a few hundreds of feet below. Almost all the caves are internally connected to each other and it is possible to trace many paths through interconnected caves to fully 'circumnavigate' the moon without ever stepping out on to its outer surface. The tops of the caves that form the crust of the moon's surface are supported on massive vertical rock pillars that rise out of the bottom surface or base of the caves. These vertical support structures are very hard and rocklike and naturally contoured in shell like formations endowing them with heavy load bearing capabilities. The cave system is integrally connected all along the moon's subsurface thus providing ample stability, strength and structural integrity, to sustain surface impacts resulting from falling meteorites or similar space objects. To visualize the interior of these caves a comparable earth structure would be the NFL football domes. They would compare in size with some of the smaller caves but none of the caves in the moon are formed in a particular shape, pattern, length, breadth or height, and are quite irregular in shape. Surface terrain is also to a large extent irregular and variable, however vast flat areas are also found at many locations.