Part 9

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P.S- sorry for late but am getting the hang of it.. also need to figure out how to end every part for the future story😅😅😅 too much of work.. hope u like it....

"Radhika" he called as he walked in and hugged her... Tripura on his back

"karan what is this?" She changed her sentence while she wanted to say 'what the fu*k is this'

"first meet Tripura" he held tripuras hand pulling her forward.

"She is Dr.Tripura, from Chennai a psychiatrist" karan smiled "My wife" he finished...

"and Tripura she is Radhika.. My best friend" karan introduced.. Not sounding awkward at all..

Radhika not being impolite hugged her instead of shaking hands..

"am so sorry to act on impulse but congratulations!.. " Radhika said while Radhika was still hugging her dearly..

Tripura felt a little awkward.. She was being introduced to her husbands ex as bestfriend and both of them didn't find it awkward.. (big names big games).. But Radhika didn't feel fake..

Radhika switched off the TV which she was seeing

"ab jara batao karan tum dono ki kahani.. Trisha k birthday pe inform to kardete agar bulana nai tha to!! I could've been your best man" she winked

Tripura turned towards karan for his reply but the mention of Trisha's birthday woke something within him.. His eyes turned sad..

"me coffee laati hu" she asked looking at him breaking his thoughts..

"yeah!.. She makes brilliant coffee you should try it" he covered with a smile in a split second..

'every actor he is!' She thought while throwing a glance at Radhika maybe she too caught his lie but she was smiling oblivious to the happenings!..

Tripura took her time in the kitchen knowing karan would inform her how they ended up together and her prediction was corrected by her yell..

"what!!" She yelled but was shut down by karan

"I know.. But I don't know what to do now!" That sounded different from karan

"okay.. So that means no love affair!.. But karan you idiot how could you do this to her!.." She was shocked herself

"I know... I don't want this marriage yaar" he sighed and in the same moment she walked the door steps.. "she dont deserve me" she felt hurt.. "am the most worst person she can ever get.. She deserves best.. I just entered her life and now its in the open.. We were talking casually in the balcony and a picture comes up!! They are sniping her man.. She has her life.. I cant cage her here forever!" He heavied a sigh

Radhika got up and walked towards Tripura.."are nae dulhan ko kaam thodi karna chahiye!" She took the tray from her hand "chalo.." She led her towards the dine

After a normal chit chat.. Mostly Radhika talked trying to ease in she mentioned the elephant in the room..

"okay Karan.. We have to take this seriously.. Hume announce karni hogi tumhari shadi.. Lets plan a reception this Sunday.. Sab celebs ko bulaenge.. Media to hogi hi.. And time bhi mil jaega.." She looked at karan and then turning towards Tripura she spoke "I know its too much for you but karan has a image to protect.. *she paused as Tripura sighed and nodded in affirmation* don't take me wrong but it will be fun.." Radhika smiled.. "we both can go shopping!.. Am telling you we'll have a blast" she chuckles, tripura relaxed with the ease in her tone

"Vikrant shah right?" She asked karan... Which he approved.. Radhika heavied a sigh.. "well I'll take your leave.. And karan Sunday 6 Pm.. Bhulna mat 5 days to go..." She smiled while getting up...

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