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So... this is the first mystery/thriller story I've made my whole life, I'm sorry if there are any mistakes, whether it is in grammar, or others. Oh, and this part is quite short because it's only a prologue to make you, ahem, interested in my crappy novel below. The first chapter will be about 800-1000 words so it won't too long for you guys to read it. Enjoy...


p r o l o g u e

5th February 2019
01.45 p.m.

She was grinning from ear to ear as she hung the picture of their romantic candlelit dinner date for their second-year anniversary as a couple.

The blonde-haired girl immediately climbed down the wooden ladder which was laying on the floor earlier, slowly but steadily, she then shifted it to the side.

Her eyes glimmered as she reminisced the memories of the previous day, where her lover gifted her with fragrant flowers, and gave her a soft kiss on her lips.

Before she could even get to the good part, her phone suddenly annoyed her by ringing deafeningly. She picked it up grumpily without glancing over the caller's ID.

"Hello?" She greeted. She heard a voice of a woman, a middle-aged woman to be exact.

"Whitney, have you seen the news?"

She shook her head, although knowing the person on the phone wouldn't know, "No... is there something special happening?"

"It's..., it's about Daniel."

Her heart couldn't stop beating rapidly, waiting to hear the big announcement. "What is it?"

"He's," the caller sobbed, "He's dead."

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