Chapter 33; Part 2/3: Meet The Jackson Family

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A/N: Let me begin with this, I am so late and so sorry about it as well. I love writing and besides working, I've faced a heavy case of writer's block. But I have been itching to update for weeks now and I just can't say no anymore so here we are. I would also like to inform you that my copy & paste isn't working for wattpad and therefore I am unable to do a recap of the previous chapter/s/ so I apologize to those of you who may look for those. Without further ado, here is the next chapter....


       A bright smile flashed upon my face the moment all of my siblings greeted me. It was so unexpected, but I loved seeing them all. They all made their way over to hug me and introduce themselves to Liv. Of course, Janet clung to Liv right away. Janet was like a best friend to me, so she always wanted to be in my business when it came to a girl. Although, Liv is the only one my family has ever met which is another reason why Janet may also be overly excited.
       After we all said hello and everyone met Liv, we finally were able to take our jackets off. I grabbed Liv's jacket and left the room to go lay them on my mothers bed. I came back to see everyone sitting at the table except for my mother. Assuming she was in the kitchen, I made my way there to assist her in any way possible. "Hey, Momma!" I said in a happy tone. No one could make me happy like my mother. "Hello, son. She is more beautiful than you described!" She immediately responded. I chuckled and looked away with a now fully red face. "Oh, son! Don't be embarrassed, she seems lovely. You picked a good one!" My mother noticed and quickly reassured me. I smiled. Everything was almost done cooking so I stayed in the kitchen with my mother while my siblings all got to know Liv. I felt like it was good for them to bond without me around for a little while as well.


       Janet showed me to a seat located directly next to her and we all sat down. I looked around for Michael but was soon interupted by the many questions being asked by his siblings. "How did you two meet?" One said. "Do you have baby names picked out yet?" Asked another. "How long have you two been together now?" Asked another. "Guys! Give her space!" Janet playfully disciplined them all. They all put on fake pouting faces and obliged. "So, you already know that I am Janet. Girl, we are going to be the best of friends! Also, I love your outfit today!" Janet immediately began saying. I smiled in her direction, "thank you!" I said. "So do you have names picked out?" Randy excitedly asked. "Well, I don't know if Michael told you but we wanted to keep the gender a surprise. However we've picked two names out. For a girl, we chose CeAnna and for a boy we chose Michael Jr. Of course." I chuckled. I heard a few subtle 'awws' from them all. I smiled in excitement for my baby. "So, then, how long have you and Michael been together so far?" Jermaine asked, "not that it'll even last." He whispered to Latoya. I grew angry and felt a knot in my stomach. Should I be rude back? Or should I be mature? "For a while and we intend to stay together until the very end." I said with a big smile on my face. Jermaine and Latoya quickly lost their smiles and slowly sunk down in their seats. I could tell already that these two were going to be trouble.
       The room grew silent as Michael and Mrs. Jackson came out with the food. She made a ham with mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, corn and cranberry sauce. It felt like Thanksgiving dinner but I knew she was only doing this because Michael brought his first girl home. I took in all the delicious scents, unable to wait any longer to taste them. Michael and Mrs. Jackson set the food down and once they finished, they joined us at the table. Before we could eat, we all joined hands and said a prayer, lead by Mrs. Jackson. Once she finished, we all began to make our plates. Michael made mine for me. "What a gentleman" Janet teased. He playfully nudged her causing her to laugh. Michael smiled a big smile. It was so sweet to see him being so happy with his family. After we all made our plates we immediately began eating. They must have starved themselves until Michael and I arrived.
       As everyone began getting full, quiet conversation slowly inviting itself back to the table. "Again, Olivia, it's so great to finally meet you. Michael always tends to talk mostly about you during our phone calls." Mrs. Jackson said. I smiled and began to blush. I felt so special. "That's so sweet. It's such a pleasure to meet YOU Mrs. Jackson. Michael always tells me how important you are to him." I responded. Latoya subtly sucked her teeth. I heard it, but I ignored it. "Please, call me Katherine." She said. I obliged. "If that's what you'd prefer, Katherine, then that is what I will call you. Such a beautiful name." I said. I can admit that I was trying to kiss up, but it was his mother after all. I needed to be on her good side more than anyone else in this room.
       Once everyone finished eating, I immediately began helping with the clean up process. "Sit down, missy. You're pregnant, let the rest of us clean up." Katherine demanded. She was a sweet heart. Latoya, Rebbie and Janet took the dishes to the kitchen while Michael, Jackie, Randy, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon put away the table, chairs and food. Once it was all cleaned up, we all regrouped in the living room to relax. "You're an amazing cook, Katherine. I absolutely loved the food. Thank you so much." I said earning a smile from Katherine. Michael smiled and grabbed my hand. He kissed my forehead and pulled away to look into my eyes. I could tell he was pleased to see that I was getting along great with everyone. Especially with Katherine. His happiness made me happy. "I can feel the baby kicking!" I said. Michael gleamed, immediately placing his hand over my stomach to feel our baby. Janet rushed to my side as well, "can I please feel?" She immediately asked. "Of course! So long as the baby is kicking, you can all have a feel!" I announced as they all took turns feeling the baby kick. Except for Latoya and Jermaine who sat on the other side of the room with fake smiles upon their faces. What was their problem? They don't even know me.
       Time quickly passed and it began getting late. It was clear that Michael and I were going to be staying the night. One by one everyone started going to bed. Katherine was in the kitchen doing the dishes and Michael fell asleep on the couch. I decided to go and assist Katherine. "Hello Mrs. - Katherine. I apologize!" I immediately said. "That's alright hun. Can I get anything for you?"  She asked. "Oh, no. You've done enough. Please, let me help?" I asked. She smiled knowing I wasn't going to take no for an answer. "Come on over, you can dry and put them away." She said. I smiled and made my way over to help her. Silence filled the room aside from Katherine's faint humming. I had a smirk on my face as I dried and put away every dish she handed me. "You know, you're the first girl Michael brought home. I don't know if he told you that. Or if that was obvious" she joked. I softly chuckled. "He told me that. It's probably only because I'm pregnant." I joked back. "You're definitely special to him, Olivia. I've never seen him so happy with anyone other than Janet. They were the best of friends growing up." She said. I smiled, "I kind of picked up on that. It's so sweet." We both smiled, "well, you're very good for my son. Welcome to our family Liv." She said. I smiled and my hormones were everywhere so I allowed a tear to roll down my cheek, "thank you so much." I said. She wiped away the tear and laughed to herself, "oh honey, it's okay." She said as we both shared a smile. We finished up the dishes and wiped the counter and sink clean. "I know the house is small, but there is a guest bed upstairs that you and Michael can sleep in. Have a good night, Olivia." Katherine said as she began to get ready for bed.
       I nodded and then made my way to Michael. Once I got to him, I stopped to admire him while he slept so beautifully and peacefully. He was so handsome. I eventually snapped out of it and began nudging him lightly. He woke up and immediately smiled at the sight of me. "Come on, love. Let's go to bed." I said. He playfully groaned and reached for my hand. Before I could help him up off the couch, he carefully pulled me on top of him. "I just want to hold you, Liv." He said, melting my heart. "Don't leave. Let's just stay like this." He added. I closed my eyes and cuddled with him for a moment. Soon enough, I got uncomfortable. "Can you hold me upstairs instead?" I asked. He softly chuckled. "Let's go, baby." He said, helping me off of him and then getting up himself. He rubbed his eyes, let out a big yawn and stretched. I turned to walk away when I was literally swept off my feet, "you shouldn't have to walk, my Queen. Allow me to take you to our room for the night." I smiled, allowing him to carry me. Trusting him not to drop me. We made it up the stairs and eventually into our room where he laid me gently on the bed. He went over to the doorway, closed the door then made his way back over to me, joining me on the bed. He put the covers over us and then pulled me close to him. "I want to kiss you. You're so beautiful, Liv. I love you." He said. My heart couldn't take it, he was being so sweet. "I love you too, Mikey." I said as I turned to face him. He allowed his big brown eyes to meet mine. He bit his lower lip and looked at mine in admiration. "You're so perfect." He said as he caressed my cheek. He ran his finger through my hair. "You're all I could ever want and need, Liv. Don't leave me, okay?" He rhetorically asked me. I smiled. It grew silent as he studied my face. Before seconds, he finally planted his lips on mine. We started off as just kissing, then evetually began making out. I did not want to have sex in his mothers house so I eventually pulled back. He continued to kiss on my face until his lips met my ear lobe, "Liv, I want you." He whispered seductively. How could I say no? But I refused to do that in his mothers house. "Not tonight, Mikey!" I quietly responded, laughing. He continued to kiss on me. He finally pulled back, looking in my eyes, "that's okay baby. I just want you close." He said as he pulled my body into his. Soon enough we both drifted off to sleep.

A/N: I know this isn't a really juicy and interesting chapter, however these family ones aren't going to be super dramatic or anything. I just wanted to get the chance to get Liv into the family and now she is so... I apologize if this wasn't good enough for some of you, but the drama will be coming soon if that's what you're looking for! Lol. Anyhow, I hope you at least enjoyed this one. Have a great day/night!

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