Lunch With Friends

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Rebecca sat with Joni and Tobin, on the patio of their favorite restaurant. They were talking about Joni's wedding in two months. "When is the next dress fitting again?" Rebecca asked Joni stealing a fry off her plate.

"Next Thursday, three pm. Don't forget!" Joni said pointing at Rebecca with a stern face that caused Rebecca to laugh.

"T, do you have your tux yet?" Rebecca asked turning to look across the table to find that Tobin wasn't even listening to her. He was too busy looking at a waitress that was bent over just right for him to enjoy. Rolling her eyes, she reaches across the table and slapped him on the back of the head.

"Ouch," he shouted turning around as he rubbed his head. "What the hell was that for?" He glared at both girls who were laughing at him.

"I asked you a question. You are out with us," Bec pointed from herself to Joni and back. "You should be paying attention," she finished and crossed her arm over her chest.

Tobin sighed and rolled his eyes, "I am so very sorry ladies," he bowed as best he could while sitting at the table. Both girls giggled a few seconds before he joined them.

"So, have you figured out your date for the wedding yet?" Joni asked him when they all had calmed down a little. The smile that was still on Tobin's face fell quickly.

"What do you mean? I figured I would just be Becs date," he answered her. Rebecca nodded her head in agreement.

Joni looked between both her friends before shaking her head, "nope. No way. You both will have dates. Said dates, are not allowed to be someone that I myself am friends with," she watched both of their mouths fall open. "I mean it, you two. You both need to start thinking about who you are going to end up with. Becs, were you or were you not, just saying that you were ready to get out there and find somebody?"

Rebecca rolled her eyes and looked at Tobin, "can you believe her? She seems to forget that she is not our momma," she took a drink and looked at Joni, "You're not my momma," she added before sticking out her tongue.

Tobin started laughing hard, "I don't know why you can't get a date with all that maturity just bursting from you." Rebecca rolled her eyes, grabbed another fry off of Joni's plate and threw it at him. All three of them started to laugh again.

After while they all calmed down and ate in silence. "Hey, why don't you call the mystery guy and invite him?" Joni suggested after a while.

Rebecca turned her head towards Joni, "I don't even know the guy! Who knows if he is even single," she shouted loudly. Looking around, she noticed the people whose attention she had drawn giving her dirty looks for interrupting their lunch. She mouthed an apology and turned back to her friends. "I can't just ask someone I don't know to go to a wedding with me. That's just weird," she said matter of factly. She hoped that her tone conveyed that she was done with the current conversation. The looks on their faces though, told her they were not.

"Fine than call him now. Ask him out. If he's smart, he will see how amazing you are and ask you out again and again. In a month's time, you will be serious enough that you can ask him without him being too freaked out," Tobin said waving his hands as he talked her through the whole plan. He knew that there was no way that Vincent would ever get serious with anyone he just didn't know what else to say that wouldn't make his friends suspicions.

"And when he doesn't think I am amazing?" Rebecca looked down at her hands that were folded in her lap. She didn't completely remember the guy, but she was pretty sure that she was out of his league.

Tobin sighed and reached across the table lifting her head so she was looking into his eyes, "Sugarplum, if he doesn't think you are amazing, then he is the stupidest person on the face of the planet and he is not worthy of you," he said with a smile that caused her to smile a little.

Rebecca looked beside her at Joni who was nodding her head in agreement with Tobin. Rebecca started thinking about all the ways to keep stalling her friends. There was a part of her that wanted to call Vincent but she wasn't completely sure why she wanted to call him. Obviously, she needed to thank him for getting her home safely, but she also was super curious as to what all happened. She looked back and forth between her friends whose smiles seemed to keep getting bigger every second. Sighing she reached for her phone that sat on the table, "fine. I will call him. When he turns me down, you both owe me a months supply of ice cream. Each!" She finished as she pressed the call button. 

I know this is a super short chapter. I just needed a little filler chapter. I promise things are going to start picking up and Bec's and Vince will be meeting up very soon! Don't forget to comment and vote!

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