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Camping Tip # 7: You need to bring a first aid kit. This is an essential item to have when you're camping and please, please make sure at least one person in your team knows how to carry out any emergency first aid procedure. You don't want some guy's death on hands do you? Or worse, a law suit.

Jack grabbed a hold of my hand and turning on his heel he ran, pulling me along with him. Oliver was already zooming past us. How the hell was he was so fast? He never did anything exercise related and yet he was the fastest in the group.

"Holy shit!" I shouted, "is that a fucking wolf!"

"No!" Oliver said and quickly glanced behind him, "it's about four fucking wolves!"

This only made Callie screamed louder. We zipped through the trees, everything became a blur and my heart drummed painfully hard in my chest. Fear propelled me to move faster. I was not going to die today but I really didn't think we could outrun them.

"This way!" Jack shouted as he took a dramatic turn to the right. "I've got an idea!"

I heard the sound of the rushing water before I saw it. There was a huge river ahead of us and I suddenly understood his idea.

I shook my head, "no!"

"Are you crazy? No fucking way!" Callie panted, she glanced at him and then at the speeding wolves behind us, "yes fucking way!"

"Wait, what?" Oliver said, "what's the plan now?"

"We're going to jump into the river!" I told him.

Oliver's hazel eyes widened, "No fucking way!"

"Listen!" Jack shouted over our panicked conversation, "we can't outrun the wolves, so unless you want to get eaten, follow me!"

He headed towards the river and since he was holding onto my hand so tightly, I followed him. We came to the edge of the rushing river, Oliver zipped past us and jumped straight into the water without a moment's hesitation. Callie leaped in after him with a terrified scream, but I had come to a halt. My eyes were wide and it felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest from how hard it was beating.

Jack looked at me. "Peryn," he said, "do you trust me?"

"What? I - "

"Do you trust me?" he repeated. I could barely hear anything over the sound of my heartbeat.

I stared at him, "yes but Jack -"

"Get in the fucking river you idiots!" Callie screamed. Oliver and Callie had latched onto a large chunk of wood that had been floating on the water. "They're right behind you!"

Movement snapped back into my limbs. If it was possible I held onto Jack's hand tighter and ran forward, we jumped into the river together just as the pack came barking and gnashing near our feet. All the air was knocked out of my lungs, the freezing water swallowed our bodies. I started panicking when I noticed Jack's hand had left mine. I couldn't scream or the water would flood into my mouth. I kicked my legs as hard as I could and swam up to the surface. I was coughing and sputtering as my head whipped back and forth.

"Peryn!" Oliver shouted.

I looked to the left. I almost sank back down from sheer relief when I saw Jack, Oliver and Callie all clinging to the large chunk of wood. Callie and Jack reached over and grabbing both my wrists, they hauled me over. I floated next to Jack and tightly held onto the wood. Callie and Oliver were on one side of the wood and Jack and I were on the other. The river was quickly carrying us downstream. We were all soaking wet and breathing hard. Jesus. The water so cold, I was starting to shiver. The wolves had stopped chasing after us, they were standing on the edge of the river, barking and looking angrier than before.

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