Thelma and Louise

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Ava adjusted the rolled up towels that were propping up her shoulders, and then she lay down flat again on the long pink towel that was spread across the edge of the sand pits. She adjusted the black sunglasses on her face and then plucked at the straps of her bikini bottoms to adjust them for comfort.

She heard the sound of sandals padding through sand.

"Shae, what are you doing? Are you a nun?" Ava propped herself back up on her elbow to give Shae a pointed look through her black sunglasses.

Shae was, meanwhile, wrapped tightly in a baby blue towel and her elbows were tightly hugging at her sides while a grey bandana was wrapped around her forehead to help pin back the flyaway blonde hairs that poked out of her messy bun.

Shae looked nervously around at the empty practice arena sand pits, then back down at Ava.

Ava muttered, "No one is here. No one's booked this place for practice until 4 o'clock today. So, dagnabit woman, get down here and soak up some well-deserved sun and relaxation with me before we lose this golden opportunity."

Shae looked suspiciously down at Ava's sexy black bikini. "Easy for you to say." Then she peeled her pale self shyly out of her blue towel to reveal a ruffled powder blue halter top bikini that was hugging her pale skin.

Ava clucked her tongue. "Where is Jung Hoseok? He's missing this PRIME sneak peek premiere. My friend is hot and she's practically naked."

"SHUT UP AVA." Shae started to lay her towel carefully down in the sand next to her best friend.

"Maybe I can make you a dog whistle, and whenever you need him you can just use it to summon him." Ava smirked at this idea as she lay back into her towel again, stretching her arms lazily up over her head. "I bet that'd be his kinda kink. He seems like the type."

"He's not a dog," Shae grumbled.

"Shae--let me enlighten your poor innocent soul with a little nugget of wisdom about the ways of men."

Shae rolled her eyes as she lifted the backs of her hands to rest against them, shielding her face from the sun.

Ava went on, "In some ways, men really are as simple as dogs. There are certain things men want that are pretty basic to their general daily function. All yah gotta do is summon them to the table, so to speak, and they're ready to go. Food. Sleep. Se--"


"WHAT. You know I'm right. You whistle, and Jung Hoseok'd be right there at your feet ready to give you ANYthing you want." Ava shrugged. "And what's so bad about that?"

Shae groaned. "Ava. You are LITERALLY the voice in my head that tries to convince me to do all the bad things that I shouldn't do in life. You know that, right?" Shae gave a sigh tinged with regret. "I still can't believe I let you talk me into tanning out in broad daylight like this. ANYONE COULD SEE US."

Ava smirked. "Oh, Shae, that's obviously half the fun. We've probably already been spotted and are being spied on and isn't that a RUSH? But also, the fact that I play this vital role in your decision-making process in life really is the highest compliment you could give me. So thank you."

"You truly are incorrigible," Shae said through a laugh.

Ava went on, "My middle name. So. Tell me one more time, the sensuous tale of Hobi trying to hold your hand in a dark sweaty tent. Because three times wasn't enough to feed my angst-thirsty soul."

Shae propped herself up onto her elbow and shifted her body towards Ava. She sassed, "Now hold on one flaming hot minute there, Ava. You've still managed to comPLETELY avoid this whole 'what the hell happened with Yoongi' situation and, as your best friend, I've given you your emotional space to feel all the things and think about all the things and decide what you really truly think about said feelings. But enough is enough. Now, it's time to fess up."

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