Chapter 《1》

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Jungkook pov

Hello there my name is Jeon Jungkook. I'm an 18-year-old living in a house full of guys, also known as my brothers, even though we aren't blood-related we still are family. We are really popular in school, we know as "Bangtang Seonyeondan" or "BTS", for kids at our school have seen us sing and dance they gave us that name, some even told us that is means "Burn The Stage" in English.

Anyways let's get back at what I'm doing today, sleeping.

I was woken up by yelling downstairs, I groan and got up, I was in my boxers but I didn't care after all I live in a house full with guys so I really don't care.
I yawn and walked down, I saw jin Hyung yelling at RM.

Kim Seok Jin, also known as just Jin, he's like the mother of all of us, being the oldest, 23, and 'mature' one of all. He's the one that cooks and cleans the house, we help but he does it more than us that cuz when we are busy with school or work we can't help.

Kim Nam Joon, also known as RM, Joon or 'the god of destruction'. He's what we call the leader of all of us, he's 22 years old. We called him the god of destruction because he breaks everything he touched, and I think that's why jin hyung is yelling about.

"Hyungs what happened? What's all the yelling about?" I questioned and let a yawn

"Sorry kook, it's just 'someone' broke the mirror in my room," jin said and looked at RM

"For the 5th time jin, I didn't break it! And why would I break the mirror in YOUR room! It's not like I did it intentionally" John explained

"Well, I don't care if it was or not! Oh, I was jealous that I spend more time looking at the mirror than you! It's not my fault that I'm so handsome!" Jin laughed

"Oh yeah sure" Joon rolled his eyes and walked away

"And do not forget the fact that both of you share a room" I laughed and walked down

I walked to the living room seeing tae and j-hope playing UNO in the small table. Suga is sitting on the sofa looking at hobi and tae.

Jung Hoseok also know as j-hope or hobi, he's the brightest in the group, and I don't mean intelligent I mean he smiles and laughs a lot so he has a nice aura around him always, he's 22 years old. He brightens up others and it's rare for us to see him angry or sad.

Kim TaeHyung also known as V, he's a troublemaker and as a bit older than me, and by that I mean 1 year older, he's 19. Tae is a bit strange and crazy, but we love him just like that. He's my partner in making messes I can always count on him to make messes.

Min Yoongi also know as suga, he got the name cuz of his gummy bear smile and his sweet sometimes, sweet is made of sugar so you get the idea. He's very serious and kinda funny, he's also very scary not even jin hyung can make him do things, especially waking him up.

"Hey, guys have you seen the news?" Joon questioned and walked inside the living room.

"Yeah he did it again," Suga replied and let a long sigh

"This thief is very good at his job isn't he?" I laughed and smirked

"He is, that's what makes this scary, what if he's never caught?!? Oh I'm so scared!!" hobi shouted and looked at us worried

"Maybe he will just continue his crimes, I mean that's his thing" Joon ventured and sat down on the couch.

I went and grabbed the remote. I turned on the TV and put the news on. We watched as people were talking about the criminal.

"He's dangerous he must die! Give him so many years in prison and let him rot there!"

"He's smart and I know he's not alone, he has helpers. Persons that may be better than him"

"He's a threat to us all, he's committed a lot of crimes without leaving hints! He's well trained to be a thief"

"Indeed. But what are the authorities doing about this?! Nothing! They are sitting there doing anything while this- this- monster! Is out there alive and roaming the streets"

"Know, know light, the police are doing everything they can. And the FBI got their back. So we just hope they succeed on this"

I let a sigh and looked at the rest then looked back at the screen in front of me. I looked at the picture they put on the screen. Is a person with a mask covering their face, the mask has a large smile carved into it.

I shivered when I saw it, it's scary knowing that an unknown criminal that kills and robs is out there, it's really dangerous to go out at night that's why jin hyung says that we can't be out at night after 10.

If we do he will be the one to kill us not the criminal. I still remember when it was 10:01 at night and I bearly got home, when I opened the front door I was tackled to the floor by my hyung's and boomed with questions. They were all terrified when I didn't open the door. I had to explain carefully what I was doing and why I was one minute late.

It was a disaster, hobi hyung was almost crying, jin and Suga hyung we're pissed, Joon was trying to calm all of them and tae was watching TV ignoring everything which got jin hyung more pissed. Then there was me and tae with our heads down listening to jin hyung of how being late is bad, the causes of that, what he'll do if something was to happen to us, etc.

Since then I try to do my work fast so I don't have to recall that again.

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