Chapter Six

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Percy quickly made his way to the Athena cabin, knocking on the front door quietly. It swung open to reveal Malcolm, one of Annaneth's closest half-siblings and a personal friend/acquaintance of Percy's. "Hey, Percy? What's up?" Malcolm asked, gesturing the other inside. Percy quickly complied, hearing the familiar click of the cabin door closing behind him. "I need a book that I'm pretty sure you have here." Percy requested. Malcolm frowned for a minute before leading Percy into the Athena cabin's vast library.

"What's it called?" Malcolm asked. The Most of the Water. The voice said. "The Most of the Water." Percy repeated out loud. Malcolm held his hands up. "Wait, wait, wait. Are you sure that's the book? It's a heavy read and is pretty intense." Malcolm argued, staring at Percy suspiciously. Insist, Percy! Lie if you must! "Yeah, I'm sure. It's for a research project that Praetor Reyna asked me to be a part of." Percy lied. Malcolm still looked suspicious but walked around the library before finding a large, thick book that had a worn-out blue cover and a couple pages in the back falling out.

"Thank you so much, Malcolm. I'll return it as soon as I'm done, promise." Percy have a comforting smile. Like always, it assured the receiver- Malcolm- and made everything seem alright. "Yeah, no problem." Malcolm replied. Percy smiled and turned to leave. "Oh, hey! Uh, Percy?" Malcolm called. Percy turned around and raised an eyebrow at the son of Athena.

"Do you have any news about Annabeth?" Malcolm asked. Percy grit his teeth. Don't let your anger show. Act broken, act hurt. Act the part of a heartbroken ex-lover. "Yeah. She's fine. She's at Camp Jupiter." Percy replied. Short and sweet. "When will she be back? Is she alright?" The concerned brother continued with his questions. "She's probably not coming back, alright?" Percy shouted. Malcolm's eyes widened and he closed his mouth quickly.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay, Malcolm? Annabeth....she cheated on me. With some Roman...and, And now she's pregnant. So she's moving in with him there. So she's not coming back anytime soon." Percy's voice got softer and softer. You're a very good actor, Percy. The voice comforted. Malcolm launched over and have Percy a giant hug. "I'm so sorry, man. That must suck." The Athena-spawn comforted. Inside, Percy was bubbling with so much rage he wanted to punch Malcolm right in the face...the face that has the same grey eyes and defined features as Annabeth's.

Malcolm finally released Percy, giving the son of Poseidon the chance to act like he was crying and quickly exit the cabin. As soon as he left the Athena-spawns behind, he straightened his posture and composure to sneak back to his cabin.

Percy quickly sat down on his bed, flipping through the book. Go to page 364. The voice commanded. "Alright, Voice. How do you know so much about this book?" The voice didn't reply. "Great. Now you go silent. Do you have a name, Voice, or should I keep calling you that?" Percy asked the voice in his head. There was still no reply. "I'm going insane, aren't I? Talking to a voice in my head." Percy mumbled. You're not insane, Percy. You are just the right amount of sane. "Oh, so now you reply?" Yes.

Percy rolled his eyes and flipped to the page the Voice had requested. "364....364... "Vapor Travel"?" Percy said out loud. You are aware that children of Hades can shadow travel, yes? "Duh. My best friend is a son of Hades." Percy rolled his eyes. Well, children of Poseidon can harness the water molecules in the air to transport them in a way that is similar to shadow traveling. Percy frowned. "I'm not- I'm not that strong, Voice." Percy countered. Bullshit. Voice said. I know what you did in Tartarus. When you lost control to protect...Annabeth. I talked to Misery...even she agrees that you are strong enough to harness every power in this book. Percy bit his lip. "Some of these....I don't want to hurt anyone, Voice."

"Percy!" Piper shouted through the cabin door accompanied by loud knocking. Percy dove and shoved the book under his pillow. "Come in!" Percy called back. Jason, Piper, Nico, and Will filed into the room. Piper ran over and gave Percy a big bear hug. "I'm so sorry, Percy. Jason told me what happened." Piper apologized, brushing a strand of Percy's hair out of his eyes. Percy jerked away and caught her wrist, pushing it away from him. "I'm fine, Piper." Percy replied. Piper furrowed her eyebrows but nodded.

"Percy, Will and I went to Chiron and he gave us permission to take you to see your step-dad and visit your mom." Nico explained. Percy nodded, looking around his room frantically for a moment before grabbing a blue sweatshirt, his car keys, and his phone. "Ready." Percy answered. "Wait, now?" Jason questioned. "Yeah. Might as well." Percy said as he pushed past the others and out the door.

Everyone stared after him for a moment. "Why do I feel like we've made a horrible mistake?" Piper asked. "I don't know." Everyone else replied in unison before leaving the Poseidon cabin.

Percy ended up calling Mrs. Quinn to ask about whether or not he should visit his mom. She ended up saying that now was probably not the best time, but the hospital Paul is at has visiting hours for the next two hours. With that, Percy, Piper, Jason, Will, and Nico were off to visit Percy's step-father and the only real father-figure in his life besides Chiron.

Percy had to sign in, saying that yes, he was related to Paul Blofis and yes, he would follow all rules. The five demigods set off towards room C-019. Percy knocked on the cracked door lightly before pushing it open.

Laying on the hospital bed was on of the few people that Percy could say he loved from the bottom of his heart. Not once had he seen Paul look as broken as he did now. He looked pale, cheekbones more pronounced and face thinner. His arms lay unmoving on the bed, the veins in his hands much more prominent as his hands has gotten thinner as well. A nasal cannula wrapped around his face and his mouth was just slightly parted, small breaths escaping every once in a while.

Percy grabbed a chair and sat down next to Paul, grabbing his step-father's hand in his own. Head's up, Percy. Voice said.

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