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Harry wakes up suddenly, feeling nacious. He stands up, shakily, putting his hand on his head. He races to the toilet, just in time. He throws up, stomach turning as he thinks about why. Winter. He's worried about winter. But he can't find enough energy to get up to check her.

"Hazza, babe?" Louis walks into the room, his small fists rubbing his eyes.

"Lou..." Harry whines, "check Winter."

Louis looks at Harry with concern, "okay, baby. I'll be right back..."

Harry nods, which makes his head spin. He lays down on the cold tiles, trying to calm himself down.

"Harry, babe. I think I'm going to have to take Winter to the doctor."

This makes Harry sit up, "she's still not better?!" Harry asks, his head thumping.

Louis shakes his head, worry in his eyes. "she'll be okay, baby," he whispers to his mate reassuringly.

Louis goes and gets Harry a glass of water, and helps him get up, and into bed.

"I'm going to call the medical clinic, okay? I'm gonna make an appointment, and take her. You're gonna stay here and get some rest. You need to calm down." Louis tell Harry, softly, trying to assure the boy.


"Hazza," Louis whispers, shaking his mate slightly.

Harry whines, and open his fluttering eyes. When he realises Louis is back, he sits up quickly. "what did the doctor say?!," Harry asks, searching Louis' eyes for any bad signs.

"The doctor said its a common thing... He gave us some prescribed medicine for her, she should be getting better withing forty-eight hours." Louis smiles at the younger boy, when Harry let's out a breath of relief he didn't even know he was holding.

Harry surges forward and hugs his mate, keeping a tight grip on him for a few minutes.

Louis smiles, and nuzzles his face into Harry's neck.

"Why don't we go to the supermarket babe? Winter can stay here with your mum. It'd be an adventure!" Louis smiles, at Harry.

"Going to the supermarket is an adventure?" Harry asks, amused.

"We have a baby now, so yes. Pleaseeee, sweetheart!"

"okay, okay, okay. I'll get ready and we can go to the supermarket, so you can have your 'adventure'" Harry says, sarcastically.

"Good." Louis beams, "I love you Hazza Bear." Louis places soft kisses on Harry's cheek.

"Stop!" Harry whines, "and don't call me Hazza Bear, you know I hate it." he sticks his tongue out at the older boy.

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