Chapter 1: The Letter

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(y/n)'s POV:

Sweating, I tightly tied the rope around the wooden post, securing my boat to the dock. Standing up straight I grabbed my basket and hat before turning and heading home.

As I walked I wiped the sweat from my forehead and securely placed my hat on my head. I'd spent the afternoon rowing and stopped for a little to paint the ocean and eat some lunch. By the time sunset rolled around my arms had grown tired from rowing and painting, needless to say, I was ready to sleep.

When I arrived home I noticed a small letter sticking from my mailbox. Setting my things down I grabbed it and read the envelope.

To: (y/n) Acker

From: Stephon and Edith Acker

"I wonder what mum and dad want..." I mumbled to myself, shoving the envelope into my basket and unlocking the door to my apartment.

Shutting the door behind me I climbed the stairs to my home and set my things on my small round dining table. Plopping down onto a chair I ripped open the letter from my mum and read it quietly out loud to myself.

"Beloved (y/n),

War is about to break. Your father and I wish for you to come and support us in our time of need at such an old age. We miss you dearly and hope to see you soon. Margaret sends her love, along with Joseph and little James. We'd all love you have you with us in this time of great need, Ingrid can only do so much.

Well wishes, your father and mother,

Stephon and Edith Acker."

Setting the letter down I slouched into my chair and pinched the bridge of my nose in exhaustion.

I'm 18 and I only left home last year! Margaret even settled down to live with my parents to keep them company! Why do I have to come back home...

I pouted, but I knew that if I didn't leave the next day on a train back to Market Chipping my parents would write me loads more letters. Sighing I stood and went to my window.

Since my home overlooks the sea, right on the docks, I enjoy opening the window at night, letting the salty cool air fill my small living area. Inhaling the sweet salty-ness of the night air I rested my elbows on the sill of the window and looked out at the vast, dark ocean.

So the rumors are true about the war huh?


The next morning I grabbed my trunk, painting and drawing tools, a light jacket and my hat before leaving. Clambering down the stairs I shut the door behind me and locked it.

Making my way to the train station I arrived a few minutes before the next passenger train pulled in. Once I was settled on the train I sighed and longingly gazed out at the scenery rolling past me. As the scenery passed I thought about home.

I thought about my sister, Margaret, her husband Joseph and their son James. My father had recently retired from harvesting wheat and opened up a small bakery, with the help of Joseph. Poor Margaret doesn't hear the end it from my mother who thinks she should've married a rich man instead of a humble baker.

However my mother does love the constant attention of having her daughter live with her, but that wasn't enough so she hired Ingrid, a woman in her late 20s, unmarried, but happy, to keep her company.

I dreaded going back home. I knew I'd get a tongue lashing from my mother about how I should be married with a child on the way just like her at my age. My mum probably has suitors lined up at our house, rich young men ready to whisk me away.

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