Chapter 5

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~·~After Camilla runs away~·~

Sirius P.o.v

I noticed it's been quiet this week around my home. I thought what could it be? Then I remembered Camilla! I rushed into her room to make sure she's okay, but once I enter her room I find that her belongings are gone. I start panicking. What have I done!?! I can't remember the last time I talked to her or celebrated her birthday. I've been to focused on Mason to spend time with my daughter or my godson! I can't even remember the last time I saw Harry. I quickly apperated to James and Lily's Home.

“James! James!” I screamed in panic. James and Lily rushed in, with a fat stumbling eight year old called Mason (sorry to anyone who has that name) following his parents.

“What happened Sirius?” James asked in concern for his friend.

“It's Camilla! She's gone!” I said almost close to tears. James looked at Lily in confusion, Lily shrugged in response.

“Who's Camilla?” James asked confused. I was shocked they didn't know who my daughter was! I was shocked that I neglected my own daughter!

“Camilla my daughter,my only child.” These words only broke my heart more. I can't believe I made my daughter run away. “Padfoot! Padfoot! Look! Look! Look At my new Toy!” I look down to see a fat Mason and can't believe that this is what I gave up Camilla for.

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