22 ~ You Look Real Fine IRL

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We had finally reached the University where thechat™ crew attend.

"So you ready to meet your secret admirer." Sero laughed.

"I'd hardly call him that." I rolled my eyes.

"I'm serious.  I'm pretty site he has an actual crush on you." Sero said suddenly serious.

"Doubt it.  I'm sure he has plenty of girls that he flirts with." I stated.

"That's true but I get the feeling you're different." He admitted.

"Well... I don't believe you.  Sorry dude." I shrugged before in buckling my seat belt and getting out of the vehicle.

"Believe what you want but I stand strong with what I said. I'm almost positive that he has an actual crush on 'ya." He got out if the car as well.

"C'mon let's go meet the squad." He motioned for me to follow him which I did.

I followed closely behind Sero.  He was taller than what I had expected and was better looking IRL if I'm being honest.  I also noticed he had his ears pierced which I never did in the snaps from thechat™.

He lead me to a dorm room then turned to face me. "Welp the group chat squad are all inside waiting to meet 'ya." He said.

"Uhg... Even Bakuthot." I sighed.

"Yeah, we had to drag him here." Sero laughed.

"Figures... Fucking whine ass. " I quipped before walking up to the door and opening it.

I stepped inside as a giggling Sero walked in behind me. All the boys had turned to face me. They all smiled at my appearance except a spikey haired blonde of course. 

"Holy shit.... Is this real.." A certain Pikachu boy smiled in awe.

"Yeah it is unfortunately." I smiled back.

"Might I just say.  You look real fine IRL, babe." He said to which I just heaved a heavy sigh.

"You never stop with the flirting do you."

"Sorry it's a habit." He scratched the back of his neck.

"So how was the ride here?  No problems right? " A redhead known as Kirishima or Redriot.

"Nope it was just fine." I replied.

"Good to finally meet you person,  [LN]." He gave a smile.

"Likewise." I smiled back.

I then turned my head to face the one and only Bakuthot. "Wow... Even more thot like IRL." I smirked while he just scowled.

"At least I'm good looking IRL can't say the same for you." He growled.

"Don't go putting words in my mouth. You're just as revolting over the internet as you are IRL." I crossed my arms the smirk still present on my face.

"Thunder thighs." He hissed.

"Bushy brows." I replied.

"Filthy whore."

"Dirty slut."

"Ugly ass."

"Fat fuck."

"Guys.... Give it a rest." Kirishima sighed.

"Whatever." Bakugou sighed as he put an arm around Kirishima.

"So... What should we do first? " Sero asked as he sat down..

"Well are there any parties going on tonight? " I asked.

"Of course." Kaminari said.

"Then that's what we'll be doing. " I smiled.


I checked into the hotel I'd be staying at for the weekend,  after I left the University.  Sero had driven me there.

As I was getting ready,  Kaminari had video chatted me telling me what was going to be going on.  Of course it was just like any other frat party.  About 10minutes after I hung up on him saying that I wanted to be in peace as I finished up getting ready.

I decided on wearing a high rise jeans,  a black crop top,  and a leather jacket and my favorite vans. I had my hair down but curled (for those of you with straight hair).

Once I was all ready,  I called Sero to come pick me up. When we reached the University,  we went back into Kaminari's dorm.  We were all waiting on Bakugou,  so we could leave.

"Where the hell is that thotty.  I'm ready to go get wasted. " I rolled my eyes.

"He's finishing up his makeup." Kiri Shima said as he just returned back from Bakugou's dorm.

"What the hell?! What a thotty!" I was very annoyed at this point.

"He's a.... Perfectionist when it comes to his makeup." Kirishima gave us a nervous chuckle.

"He takes forever to get ready everytime we go to a party." Sero added.

"I feel bad for Kirishima.  Everytime they go on a date Bakugou takes this long too and makes my bro here wait years." Kaminari said.

"You poor soul." I sigh as I rest a hand on the red headed boys shoulder.

".... Thanks I guess. " He laughed.

"So is it just as a group going together? Or did 'ya invite others? " I asked.

"Well... We did invite one more person.  He's part of our squad but isn't in the chat 'cause he has a burn hatered for group chats. " Kaminari explained.

"What's his name? " I asked curiously.

"Shoto Todoroki." He said.

"Hey... Sorry I'm late. " A boy clearly going through a stage said as he entered the dorm.

"Woah... Y'all better fire your hair stylist. " I chuckled.

"Who's this and my hair is naturally like this." He said monotonously.

"Sure it is. " I laughed.

"No... He's serious." Sero said.

"No way." I insisted.

"It's true. " Kirishima nodded.

"Bullshit." I argued.

"Nah... They aren't lying. " Kaminari looked up at me while I sat there flabbergasted at this.

"What the hell kind of science is this?" I gave them all a confused look.

"That's exactly what the doctors said to me as a kid." Todoroki said blankly.

"I'm not surprised.  Anyways I'm [LN], [F/N]." I said as I held out a hand for him to shake.

"Shoto, Todoroki. " He shook my hand and at that moment I noticed a large burn scar on his left eye as well as how us eyes are also two different colors like his hair.

What a strange and mysterious boy.  He must be a heart throb at this school.

"HALF AND HALF IS TAGGING ALONG AGAIN?!!! WHAT BULLSHIT!!" An angry blonde caked in makeup complained.

"Took you long enough you damn thot." I hissed.

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