Camping and Jealousy- Vikklan

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Vikk was going limp under the water, it had been about a minute and a half but because he had let all of the air out of his mouth and had been struggling, he was going unconscious very quickly. As one last ditch attempt I tried to pull one of the rocks away, kicking the ground, and to my surprise, it came away.

I dragged Vikk to the surface and kept his head above the surface, sighing in relief when he coughed and spat up the water he had swallowed. I cradled him close and walked him to the edge of the pond, crawling up onto the bank.

He opened his eyes just as I pulled him onto my lap, gasping heavily.

"Are you alright Vikk?" I asked, concerned, but when he nodded, his breathing slowing, I relaxed a little.

We just lay there for quite a while, eventually slipping back into the shallows of the pond and laying close, side by side. Vikk was nestled right into my side and I pretty quickly found myself with a bright red face because of his closeness.

I didn't know why I did it but I really didn't regret it, but I leaned over and kissed the older boys lips, feeling his startle at first but after a few seconds he began to kiss back. One of his hands came up and wrapped around my neck, fiercely pushing his lips against mine.

Things got rather steamy, rather quickly and before I knew what had happened we were rolling over each other and I was biting down onto his neck. Vikk gasped but let me continue, even pulling me closer by wrapping his arms around my waist.

When we pulled away both of us were soaking wet, my hair was completely mussed and Vikk's was pushed back off his forehead and Vikk had hickeys all up the side of his neck. I touched them, giggling and knowing there was no way he could hide them from the other boys.

"Oh you're never gonna hide them Vikk." He glared and threw a towel at me, wrapping his own one around his shoulders.

"Oh you're a di-" I cut him off by leaning in and capturing his lips all over again, feeling him melt into me.

"But you love me though..." I teased, wrapping my arm around his waist. He sighed.

"I guess so... but what does that make us?" I shrugged.

"Just us I guess. Together."


Back at camp I noticed Preston and Rob both staring at us, Preston even sending me death glares over his shoulder on occasion. I was a little confused and so was Vikk, he kept sending me bewildered glances when Rob ignored him or bumped into him, forcing him to knock things over.

I only found out what was going on when Preston pulled me to the side, gripping my wrist so hard that I cried out in pain.

"Did you really think I was going to let you steal the boy I like?" He hissed, grabbing at my shoulder. I yelped and pulled away, blinking, confused.

"What? Vikk? We're together Preston and we've been crushing on each other for a while." He glared and then stormed off, leaving me alone for a few minutes, at least until Vikk arrived looking even more confused than I felt.

"Did you just get confronted by Preston?" I nodded and he sighed. "Okay cause Rob just came up to me and said that I was stealing you and apparently he's liked you for a while." Vikk hugged me, pressing his head underneath my chin.

"Yeah Preston just told me that he likes you and that I was stealing you." I leaned down and kissed his forehead, taking his hand and pulling him over to our tent where we could be somewhere private and where we knew no one was watching us.

We slipped inside and curled up on the air mattress, listening to the other boys outside. At first it was only Mitch and Jerome, talking about breakfast and then eventually asking where everyone had gone because they had seen us leave.

Then we heard Rob and Preston storming around outside our tent, Preston ranting about how I was "stealing the boy I've liked for longer than he's known Vikk" and I curled up, embarrassed. Vikk kissed my forehead, still listening to their conversation. Rob seemed to be the sensible one.

"Look Preston, they're together. I know we've liked them for ages but we've lost our chance with them and they're happy together. I think it's time to move on." Preston mumbled angrily at Rob's statement but he eventually sighed, reluctantly agreeing.

"I guess, yeah." There was an awkward pause. "So what'da we do now?" He asked scuffing his shoes around in the dirt.

I heard Rob take some quick steps towards the younger boy and through the tent I saw their outlines, standing side by side. I grinned and giggled a little when Rob leaned in and kissed Preston heavily, the tension fading from the air.

I looked over at Vikk and saw he was grinning too.

"I think that'll get rid of the jealousy." He whispered, leaning in close.

I giggled when the outlines of the two disappeared, stumbling and their lips still locked together.

"I think it'll be better to go somewhere else for a little while." I giggled and the two of us slipped out of the tent, running out into the woods and spotting Mitch and Jerome following us as they had obviously heard something between the two.

We sat down on a log and just basked in each others warmth, happy.

"Now I'm kinda happy I agreed to come." Vikk mumbled, resting his head on my shoulder.

"So am I." I whispered back, closing my eyes. "So am I."

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